Beachcomber is committed to strong family values across its entire organization, advocating for health and happiness for everyone. Much like Porsche©, Beachcomber aims to grow alongside its staff and customers, treating each one like family. The company's pride lies not only in its high-quality handcrafted hot tubs but also in the enduring family bonds and fellowship nurtured over the decades.
As a family-owned and operated multi-generational business, Beachcomber Hot Tubs is dedicated to supporting families for generations to come. This legacy is illustrated by the presence of three generations at the factory, with founder Keith, his son Blake, and grandson Frankie working together to continue the tradition of excellence.
Beachcomber Hot Tubs has built a global reputation for its zero-defects approach and rigorous quality control in hot tub manufacturing. From Norway to Argentina and Ireland to Japan, the company's dream has evolved into a trusted global brand, represented in over 40 countries worldwide.
The company maintains a full-time specialized workforce focused on producing high-quality hot tubs and providing dedicated customer care. Beachcomber's brand is available through an omni-channel marketplace, which includes an international network of factory-trained distributors and dealerships, factory outlets that test retail experience concepts, omni-channel merchants whose values align with the company's, and a user-friendly online presence that ensures seamless pricing across all platforms.
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