Aventurine's debut in the second phase of version 2.1 is highly anticipated by players of Honkai: Star Rail. The upcoming new update and anniversary celebration promise exciting events and rewards for the players.

In the second phase of 2.1, players can look forward to the festive gifts login event, offering 30 free pulls, as well as other time-limited festivities like Cosmodyssey and Vignettes in a Cup. Additionally, players will receive 1,600 stellar jades through the in-game mail system.

Aventurine, along with the reruns of Serval, Lynx, and Luka, will be available throughout the anniversary phase until May 7th. Furthermore, the character rotation will include the addition of Jingliu in the upcoming update. Players will also have the opportunity to obtain Jingliu's signature weapon, "I Shall Be My Own Sword," through the Bygone Reminiscence Light Cone rerun banner in 2.1.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards are a crucial resource in Honkai Star Rail, serving to upgrade and enhance the skills of Valkyries and Stigmata, thereby boosting the combat effectiveness of your characters. To obtain these valuable shards, players can engage in various in-game activities such as completing story missions, securing event rewards, and participating in challenging game modes like Abyss or Memorial Arena. For those looking to expedite their progress, a Honkai Star Rail top up can be performed on game trading platforms, allowing players to purchase Oneiric Shards with real currency, enhancing their gameplay experience and unlocking exclusive items with ease.

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