Acheron Ascension: Unleashing Power

The Acheron Ascension in Honkai: Star Rail introduces new materials and trace elements for players to collect and utilize.

Acheron Ascension materials are essential for enhancing characters and weapons in the game.

Players can collect Acheron basic attack trace materials to strengthen their character's basic attack capabilities.

Acheron skill, talent, and ultimate materials are crucial for unlocking and upgrading character skills, talents, and ultimate abilities.

The Acheron skill tree trace materials play a vital role in advancing and customizing character skill trees for improved combat effectiveness.

The Acheron is a powerful and mysterious force in the world of Honkai: Star Rail. It is a source of great energy and holds the key to unlocking new abilities and powers for the characters in the game.

The Acheron Ascension is a challenging and thrilling quest that players can embark on to harness the power of the Acheron. This quest will test their skills and determination as they battle formidable foes and overcome various obstacles to reach the ultimate goal.

In order to ascend in the Acheron quest, players must gather trace materials that are scattered throughout the game world. These trace materials are essential for unlocking the full potential of the Acheron and for progressing through the quest.

Players must strategize and plan their approach to collecting these trace materials, as they are often hidden in hard-to-reach places or guarded by powerful enemies. Only those who are resourceful and persistent will be able to gather all the necessary trace materials for a successful Acheron Ascension.

Once the trace materials are collected and the Acheron Ascension quest is complete, players will unlock new abilities, powers, and rewards that will greatly enhance their gameplay experience in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Nihility is a void, a state of nothingness, A concept that defies comprehension, It is the absence of existence, An enigma that challenges our understanding of reality.

Acheron, a 5-star Nihility super-carry in Honkai: Star Rail, is renowned for her ability to unleash staggering amounts of damage. However, players must dedicate considerable time and resources to unleash her full potential, much like any other DPS unit in the game.

To maximize Acheron's capabilities, players must invest in acquiring the necessary materials. This comprehensive list outlines all the essential materials required to elevate Acheron to her maximum level. While it entails extensive farming, unlocking Acheron's traces promises substantial boosts in lightning and critical damage, solidifying her position as one of the most formidable Nihility characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

Acheron's Material Requirements

Acheron's progression and skill enhancement require a variety of materials. These include the dream collection component, dream flow valve, shape shifter's lightning staff, dream making engine, fiery spirit, starfire essence, heaven incinerator, past evils of the borehole planet disaster, and tracks of destiny. All these materials are crucial for Acheron's ascension and trace upgrades.

Level 20: - Credit: 4,000 - Enemy Drop: Dream collection component x5 - Boss Drop: -

Level 30: - Credit: 8,000 - Enemy Drop: Dream collection component x10 - Boss Drop: -

Level 40: - Credit: 16,000 - Enemy Drop: Dream flow valve x6 - Boss Drop: Shape shifter's lightning staff x3

Level 50: - Credit: 40,000 - Enemy Drop: Dream flow valve x9 - Boss Drop: Shape shifter's lightning staff x7

Level 60: - Credit: 80,000 - Enemy Drop: Dream making engine x6 - Boss Drop: Shape shifter's lightning staff x20

Level 70: - Credit: 160,000 - Enemy Drop: Dream making engine x9 - Boss Drop: Shape shifter's lightning staff x35

Total: - Credit: 308,000 - Dream collection component x15 - Dream flow valve x15 - Dream making engine x15 - Shape shifter's lightning staff x65

Dream collection components and its higher-tier variants can be farmed in Honkai: Star Rail's Penacony World. They drop from any enemy that falls under the Dreamjolt Troupe category, such as the Lordly Trashcans and the ever-infamous Dinosaur Chefs. Meanwhile, Shape shifter's lightning staff pieces can be earned in The Stagnant Shadow in Stargazer Navalia.

As a DPS-focused member of the Star Rail's Nihility roster, Acheron should minimize the use of her basic attack. Keeping this skill at a low level won't significantly impact her damage output. Therefore, it's advisable for players to allocate their resources to enhance other aspects of her kit, rather than investing in her basic attack.

Players can acquire Fiery Spirit and its advanced versions by farming the calyxes in the Alchemy Commission located in Xianzhou Luofu. This approach provides a more efficient method of obtaining these materials, allowing players to allocate their resources more effectively.

Level 2 - Credit: 2,500 - Trace materials: - - Enemy drop: Dream collection component x3 - Weekly boss drop: -

Level 3 - Credit: 5,000 - Trace materials: Fiery spirit x3 - Enemy drop: Dream collection component x6 - Weekly boss drop: -

Level 4 - Credit: 10,000 - Trace materials: Starfire essence x3 - Enemy drop: Dream flow valve x3 - Weekly boss drop: -

Level 5 - Credit: 20,000 - Trace materials: Starfire essence x5 - Enemy drop: Dream flow valve x4 - Weekly boss drop: -

Level 6 - Credit: 30,000 - Trace materials: Starfire essence x7 - Enemy drop: Dream flow valve x6 - Weekly boss drop: -

Level 7 - Credit: 45,000 - Trace materials: Heaven incinerator x3 - Enemy drop: Dream making engine x3 - Weekly boss drop: -

Level 8 - Credit: 80,000 - Trace materials: Heaven incinerator x5 - Enemy drop: Dream making engine x4 - Weekly boss drop: Past evils of the borehole planet disaster x1

Level 9 - Credit: 160,000 - Trace materials: Heaven incinerator x8 - Enemy drop: - - Weekly boss drop: Past evils of the borehole planet disaster x1, Tracks of destiny x1

Level 10 - Credit: 300,000 - Trace materials: Heaven incinerator x14 - Enemy drop: - - Weekly boss drop: Past evils of the borehole planet disaster x1, Tracks of destiny x1

Total - Credit: 652,500 - Trace materials: Fiery spirit x3, Starfire essence x15, Heaven incinerator x30, Dream collection component x9

Enhancing Character Progression in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Dream Flow Valve x13
  • Dream Making Engine x7
  • Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster x3
  • Tracks of Destiny x2
  • Total x2
  • 1,305,000
  • Fiery Spirit x6
  • Starfire Essence x30
  • Heaven Incinerator x60
  • Dream Collection Component x18
  • Dream Flow Valve x26
  • Dream Making Engine x14
  • Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster x6
  • Tracks of Destiny x4
  • Total x3
  • 1,957,500
  • Fiery Spirit x9
  • Starfire Essence x45
  • Heaven Incinerator x90
  • Dream Collection Component x27
  • Dream Flow Valve x39
  • Dream Making Engine x21
  • Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster x9
  • Tracks of Destiny x6

The component "Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster" can be obtained from the seclusion zone of the Herta Space Station in the game Honkai: Star Rail. Players will encounter the challenging boss, Skaracabaz, the Emanator of Propagation, when farming this component. It is recommended to form a strong team to effectively combat this boss.

In the game Honkai: Star Rail, players can obtain various items such as trace materials, enemy drops, and weekly boss drops to enhance their characters and progress in the game.

The basic node offers players the opportunity to obtain bonus stats and materials by reaching level milestones. For example, reaching level 1 grants a bonus stat of 4% increase in attack, while reaching level 80 grants a bonus stat of 8% increase in attack along with specific materials such as Heaven Incinerator and Dream Making Engine.

Ascension 2 (A2) node provides players with the A2 skill "Red Oni" and bonus stats such as critical damage increase. Players can acquire materials like Fiery Spirit and Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster to unlock these benefits.

Moving on to Ascension 3 (A3) node, players can gain bonus stats in attack and lightning damage by collecting materials like Starfire Essence and Dream Flow Valve.

At Ascension 4 (A4) node, players can unlock the A4 skill "The Abyss" and bonus stats in attack. Required materials include Starfire Essence, Dream Flow Valve, Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster, and Track of Destiny.

The game provides players with the opportunity to enhance their characters' stats and skills by strategically collecting trace materials through various means such as enemy drops, weekly boss drops, and leveling up.

Acheron Ascension Materials Guide

Acheron Ascension and Trace Materials are crucial for boosting Acheron's performance in Honkai: Star Rail. By unlocking these materials, players can significantly enhance Acheron's damage output, complementing her equipped light cones and relics. The following materials are essential for Acheron's ascension:

  • Heaven Incinerator x3
  • Dream Making Engine x3
  • A5 Bonus Stat (ATK)
  • A6 Skill (Thunder Core)
  • Past Evils of the Borehole Planet Disaster x1
  • Track of Destiny x1
  • A6 Bonus Stat (Lightning DMG)
  • LV 75 Bonus Stat (Crit DMG)

It's recommended for players to prioritize unlocking these materials to maximize Acheron's potential in battles.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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