Aventurine Boss Fight: Strategic Victory

When facing the boss Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail, players need to strategize and understand the special mechanics to emerge victorious. This boss fight presents a challenging gamble that players must win to progress in the game. To beat Aventurine, players must carefully consider their team composition and abilities. Additionally, achieving success in the Aventurine boss fight unlocks valuable in-game achievements.

Playable characters assuming the roles of bosses are a common feature in Hoyoverse games like Honkai: Star Rail. For example, upon arriving in Belobog, players confront Gepard and Bronya, while in Xianzhou Luofu, the formidable opponent is Yanqing. In the main trailblaze mission at Penacony, players encounter the formidable Aventurine. Just like any other boss in Honkai: Star Rail, Aventurine introduces unique mechanics that players must grasp in order to emerge victorious without suffering any casualties.


Aventurine, the formidable boss in the "A Walk Among the Tombstones" quest, possesses vulnerabilities to physical, ice, and lightning attacks, while exhibiting increased resistance to imaginary elements.

With a formidable toughness count of 450, exploiting Aventurine's weaknesses to trigger a weakness break demands dedicated effort from the team.

Aventurine's skill sets are relatively straightforward, yet his "gambling" mode presents a challenge in swiftly dealing with him. Players must carefully strategize their moves and effectively manage their energy. The boss fight against Aventurine unfolds in two distinct phases. Although his movesets and stats remain consistent across both phases, the prominence of his gambling mode intensifies in the second phase.

Periodically, Aventurine will coerce the players into gambling mode. In the first phase, he will select one of the characters to play and disable the rest, whereas in the second phase, all characters are compelled to participate. Winning the gamble becomes crucial to evade the potent strikes from Aventurine.


When Aventurine enters gamble mode, a number will appear behind him. Your number will be on the left and Aventurine's number will be on the right. To increase your number, you can hit the all or nothing dice in front of Aventurine.

Here are some key points to remember about the gamble: - In the first phase, Aventurine summons two dice, and in the second phase, he summons four. - Using an area of effect (AOE) attack will activate all the dice you hit, allowing you to gather more numbers with AOE attacks. - You can use basic attacks or skills, followed by your ultimate, or vice versa, and the numbers you obtain will stack.


Aventurine Boss Fight Strategies

Possible outcomes from the Aventurine boss fight gamble:

  • If the dice count is higher than Aventurine, you win the gamble and regain ultimate, allowing you to deal more damage.
  • If the dice count matches Aventurine, it results in a draw with no effect.
  • If the dice count is lower than Aventurine, you lose the gamble and Aventurine attacks you, causing you to take more damage.

It is crucial to prioritize saving your ultimate until the gamble starts and ensure that you win it. Failing to do so can make the damage dealt by Aventurine deadly.


To defeat Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail, it is crucial to assemble a team of characters with area-of-effect (AOE) attacks. Aventurine's weakness can be exploited by utilizing high-tier HSR DPS characters that possess AOE capabilities, such as Argenti, Kafka, Jing Yuan, Acheron, and Jingliu.

During the second phase of the battle, Aventurine forces all of your characters to participate in a gamble. Therefore, the remaining team members should also have the ability to unleash AOE attacks. Alternatively, it is essential to provide ample protection to ensure the survival of your allies.

Consider the following team compositions as effective strategies to overcome Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail:

  1. Acheron, Kafka, Black Swan, Gallagher
  2. Pela, Blade, Luocha, Jingliu
  3. Argenti, Yukong, Fu Xuan, March 7th

Adopting these team compositions will enhance your chances of emerging victorious against Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail.


During the Aventurine boss fights in Honkai: Star Rail, players have the opportunity to achieve two significant milestones:

  • To earn the "Boxcars" achievement, players must achieve two 6-dice rolls in a single attack.

  • The "All My People, All My People…" achievement can be attained by having four characters win the gamble in the same round.

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