• A recent leak regarding the character Firefly in the popular game 'Honkai: Star Rail' has unveiled new details about her special abilities.
  • Firefly, although not yet available as a playable character in the game, has garnered significant anticipation from fans who are eager to include her in their lineup.
  • Introduced in version 2.0 of 'Honkai: Star Rail', Firefly made a memorable appearance as the trailblazer's guide and newfound friend in Penacony's dreamscape, charming many players with her personality.
  • A surprising revelation at the conclusion of version 2.1's story unveiled Firefly as the alter ego of Sam, the Stellaron Hunter, adding an unexpected twist for players.
  • According to leaks from reputable sources like Homdgcat, Firefly's special ability involves transforming into the formidable Molten Knight, granting her temporary invisibility from enemies, the ability to block incoming attacks, enhanced movement speed, and the capacity to move unhindered past adversaries.
  • The leak also suggests that Firefly's overall skill set remains consistent with what was previously disclosed by Homdgcat, further intensifying the intrigue surrounding her character.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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