Origami Birds in Honkai:Star Rail

Origami birds play a crucial role in the development of the dream city of Penacony in Honkai: Star Rail. These birds have a mischievous side and tend to hide for various reasons, but their distinctive feathers make them easy to spot. Players can also listen for their chirping to locate them easily.

Once found, players can return the origami birds to the "great tree" in their respective areas, where the avian boss awaits them. Here's a guide to help players locate all the origami birds in the Clock Studios theme park within Honkai: Star Rail.


To find all the Clock Studios Theme Park Origami Bird locations in Honkai: Star Rail, follow these steps:

  • Start from the theme park entrance space anchor and head to the left side. Look for a slot machine in the corner.
  • Turn around and locate the clapboard-shaped amusement park map. You'll find the second origami bird on the film roll.
  • Proceed to the hallway left of the clockie statue and retrieve the avian from the purple movie poster on the left side of the wall.
  • Head to the north-most hallway and descend to the labyrinth. Search for the sneaky origami bird, hidden on top of the vase-wall between the flowers.
  • Cross to the preservation calyx by teleporting or using the pinball machine. Utilize the bubble pinball once more to reach the secret area where the fifth Clock Studios Theme Park origami bird is located.
  • Return to the calyx, then collect the bird from the TVs in the middle.
  • Lastly, explore behind the walls of Hanu Gang Base space anchor to find the seventh origami bird hidden underneath some crates.1. To find the next Clock Studios Theme Park origami bird, head west of the Hanu Gang photo board and search under a suitcase.
  • Proceed to the film set and cross the first two lines of props. Then, turn right to discover the sneaky avian perched on top of the pink house.
  • As you continue west, you will come across a fancy car called Radiant Speedster. Look next to it to find the tenth bird.
  • Utilize the bubble pinball machine to cross and then take the right road to reach the bar. There, you'll spot the origami bird resting on a chair.
  • Make your way to the middle circular platform and spot the origami bird hiding on the word sign next to Elvira.
  • Head to the middle stage where you will encounter the Aventurine boss in Honkai: Star Rail. Extract the terrified bird from some crates.
  • Continue north to the dreamville-themed restaurant and gaze up at the Soulglad sign to find the next Clock Studios Theme Park origami bird cleverly hidden.
  • Cross using the bubble pinball machine and walk northeast to retrieve an origami bird concealed in the lighting lamps.
  • The sixteenth origami bird is hidden on the Hamster Ball Knight's photo board, located east of the Hamster Ball Park Space Anchor.

Origami Bird Quest

Head south to Mr. Stone Balloon near Hanu's Adventure TV and remove the avian. Transform into Hanu and enter the small vent. Proceed straight while hugging the left side until you reach the end, then turn right to discover a blue fantastic rocket. Utilize it to ascend and locate another bird within Mr. Stone Balloon. Depart from Hanu's Adventure mini-game and head northeast to find the next origami bird situated on a bench. The ultimate origami bird within Clock Studios Theme Park is the most challenging to locate. Navigate to the corner of the map and maneuver behind the large boards to uncover a stack of crates where the origami bird is concealed.

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