Origami Birds Guide in Dewlight Pavilion

Upon visiting the Dewlight Pavilion in Honkai: Star Rail, players will first encounter the reception counter, followed by the Dreammaster Hall, where the heads of the houses convene. Additionally, the City Sandpit and three dreamwalk rooms can be explored in this area.

To collect all 10 origami birds in the Dewlight Pavilion, players must visit the reception counter, Dreammaster Hall, City Sandpit, and the three dreamwalk rooms.


Origami birds can be discovered in various sections of the Dewlight Pavilion in Honkai: Star Rail. Here's a breakdown of where players can find each origami bird:

  • One origami bird can be found in the F2 normal room.
  • Three origami birds are located in the F2 3D room.
  • Three origami birds can be found in F1 around the city sandpit.
  • Three more origami birds are scattered in the city sandpit itself.

To locate these origami birds, players can follow these steps: - Teleport to the reception counter space anchor and head to the upper-left corner to find the first origami bird, which is hidden behind a radio-like machine on the wall. - Teleport to the dreammaster hall space anchor, where the second origami bird can be obtained from the Nightingale family crest picture on the wall. - Head under the stairs on the left side to reveal the third origami bird hidden inside a Mr. Stone balloon. - Lastly, visit the small room in the east to find the fourth origami bird, which is located on the Nightingale statue on the left.


After collecting all the origami birds in the standard locations, players can venture into the City Sandpit. To begin, teleport to the City Sandpit and head left to locate the bird machine. Next, proceed to the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Ire and retrieve the bird from the boxes positioned in the top-right corner. Utilize the bubble pinball machine within Honkai: Star Rail to access the higher platforms. Lastly, keep an eye out for the seventh origami bird, which is concealed on a lamppost.


Exploring Dewlight Pavilion in Honkai: Star Rail

In Dewlight Pavilion of Honkai: Star Rail, players can explore three 3D rooms. Each room is located in a different direction - one to the south, one to the west, and the other to the east. Within each room, players can find an origami bird, making it essential to visit all three rooms to collect them all.


Head to the southern room and grab the bubble charge hidden behind the wall. Then, make your way across the bubble bridge located on the right side of the room. Follow the path of bubble bridges until you reach the final room. Once there, stick to the left side and you will discover the origami bird concealed within a Mr. Stone balloon.




To unlock the eastern room in Honkai: Star Rail - Dewlight Pavilion, you must first complete the "Outsourcer" adventure mission. Once completed, return to the location and follow these steps: - Head down the stairs and take the bubble charge. - Proceed to the opening on the right and walk up the bubble bridge. - Immediately turn left to discover a hidden bubble tower and take the bubble charge. - Return to the starting room and head up to the only available bubble bridge. - Navigate through the halls until you encounter another bubble bridge. - Walk around the area until you reach the middle, where the origami bird is hidden on the "floor."


The Western 3D room is the most accessible location for players who have previously explored it. To find the origami bird, walk along the bridge on the right and look for it on some statues on the wall.

If the broken road has not been fixed yet, follow these steps: - Turn left and take the bubble charge. - Activate the nearest bubble bridge. - Walk to the end of the hall. - Turn right, walk to the end, and then turn right again to reach another bubble bridge. - Walk through the bridge, and you will find yourself back in the starting room, but on the other side of the broken road.

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