A recent leak related to Honkai: Star Rail has provided insights into an upcoming new weapon for the character March 7th. This four-star preservation character has been a significant part of the game's main storyline since its inception, and players have the opportunity to add her to their roster for free.

Gacha-based games often introduce updated versions of their initial characters to better align with evolving team compositions and meta shifts. According to previous Honkai: Star Rail leaks, an enhanced version of March 7th will be introduced in an upcoming game update.

The leaked information suggests that March 7th may receive a new form wielding a pair of blades instead of her current weapon, a bow. A post on the Honkai: Star Rail subreddit has unveiled the texture of one of the new weapons, indicating a compact design that enables March 7th to dual-wield the blades. The weapon features a long, slender blade with a distinctive red line, along with a handle adorned with a purple flower design on the guard and a blue gem attached to the pommel. Notably, the red accents on the weapon hint at a potential change in March 7th's iconic blue outfit to a red one.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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