In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, the Tides of War event has been introduced to challenge players' combat and strategic abilities. This event aims to provide players with opportunities to collect stellar jades and upgrade materials for their characters, enhancing their gaming experience.

Tides of War is a unique mini-fighting game created by a researcher from the Herta Space Station's maintenance department, drawing inspiration from his vacation in Penacony. The game is set within a memory bubble and invites players to engage in six combat stages, each presenting its own set of challenges.

Similar to previous events in Honkai: Star Rail, such as the Boulder Town Super League, Tides of War gradually unlocks one combat stage per day. Players are tasked with battling three boss enemies in three waves within six cycles, while also accumulating grit value to activate additional support functions.

Grit value serves as a measure of combat prowess, earned by completing specific tasks within Tides of War. As players reach higher grit phases, they unlock up to four support functions that aid them in defeating both boss and non-boss enemies.

These support functions provide buffs to characters, including increased attack damage or speed. The highest level of support function can be accessed at grit phase 4, empowering players to overcome formidable challenges within the event.The Tides of War event in Honkai: Star Rail consists of six stages, each presenting unique challenges to players. The primary objective is to accumulate grit value and complete grit phases within the given cycles.

Players have the option to utilize powerful trial characters to assist in farming grit value by performing actions such as defeating warp trotters and dealing overflow damage. Additionally, players are free to use their own characters in these challenges, offering flexibility in gameplay.

The ultimate goal of Tides of War is to defeat all three bosses within six cycles and reach grit phase 4. Upon achieving this, players can claim limited-time rewards including stellar jades and trace materials. Successful completion of these goals also grants players a chance to receive S-grade results.

Each stage presents its own set of challenges and trial characters to aid in accumulating grit value:

  • Stage 1: Trotter Effect Defeat warp trotters to accumulate a large amount of grit value. Trial characters available: Acheron, Black Swan, Kafka, Gallagher, and Pela.

  • Stage 2: Perilous Threshold Accumulate grit value each time an ally's current HP is increased or decreased. Trial characters available: Blade, Jingliu, Bronya, Luocha, and Lynx.

  • Stage 3: Supreme Leader Accumulate a large amount of grit value when the ally positioned first in the team setup successfully uses their ultimate. Trial characters available: Imbibitor Lunae, Argenti, Sparkle, Huohuo, and Tingyun.

  • Stage 4: Weakness Assault Accumulate grit value by breaking enemies' weaknesses or attacking weakness-broken enemies. Trial characters available: Ruan Mei, Himeko, Silver Wolf, Lynx, and Xueyi.

  • Stage 5: Overflowing Wounds (Continuation of the event description, if available)

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