Rare Brawlers Tier List Update

Here's the updated tier list for rare brawlers in Brawl Stars for season 25:

S Tier

  • Rosa: Her high health and damage output make her a force to be reckoned with in close combat.

  • Poco: With his healing ability, Poco can support the team and keep them in the fight for longer.

  • Penny: Her long-range attacks and turret can control the battlefield and deal significant damage.

  • Carl: His unique attack and super ability give him strong offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • Rico: Rico's bouncing shots can be devastating in the right hands, especially in open maps.

  • Darryl: His mobility and close-range damage make him a threat in various game modes.

  • Bibi: Bibi's fast movement speed and area control with her home-run bar can turn the tide of battle.

  • Jacky: Her wide attack range and high damage output make her a formidable opponent in close quarters.

  • Lou: With his ability to slow down and control enemy movements, Lou provides excellent crowd control.

  • Gale: Gale's long-range attacks and ability to push enemies can provide crucial support to the team.

  • Surge: His ability to upgrade and adapt in battle gives him a strong advantage as the match progresses.

  • Griff: Griff's ability to control space and deal high burst damage makes him a valuable asset to any team.

  • Colonel Ruffs: His long-range attacks and ability to boost teammates make him a versatile choice in many game modes.

  • Byron: With his healing and damaging shots, Byron can dictate the flow of battle and turn the odds in his team's favor.

  • Squeak: His area denial with sticky bombs and high burst damage make him a force to be reckoned with.

  • Ash: Ash's ability to control the battlefield with her explosive attacks and super ability is incredibly impactful.

  • Buzz: With his ability to stun and deal heavy damage, Buzz can disrupt enemy strategies effectively.

  • Griff: Griff's ability to control space and deal high burst damage makes him a valuable asset to any team.

  • Lou: With his ability to slow down and control enemy movements, Lou provides excellent crowd control.

This tier list is based on the current meta and each brawler's performance across different game modes. Keep in mind that individual playstyles and team compositions can also influence a brawler's effectiveness in matches.Colt is a formidable brawler in Brawl Stars, known for his high damage attacks and incredible super ability. With the ability to break walls and deal massive damage, Colt is a versatile choice for any game mode. His gadgets and star powers further enhance his capabilities, with options like Slick Boots for increased mobility and Silver Bullet for wall-breaking utility in showdown or heist modes.

Following the introduction of his new hypercharge ability, which widens his super's area of effect and offers damage, shield, and speed buffs, Colt has risen to the top spot in the rare brawlers tier list. Even with some nerfs to hypercharge, Colt remains highly effective, especially after a recent buff that increased his reload speed.

Poco, on the other hand, stands out as the premier healer in the game. His attacks pierce through enemies, and his super can heal teammates back to full health. With the Da Capo star power, Poco can simultaneously heal teammates and damage enemies, making him a valuable asset in battles.Pam and Byron are notable healers with their own strengths, but Poco stands out for his wide-reaching attack and decent damage output. His Da Capo star power and Tuning Fork gadget optimize his healing capabilities, both of which received buffs in the power level 11 adjustments in October.

Despite Colt's recent buffs and hypercharge, Poco remains a top choice for various game modes and strategies. There are hopes for an even more powerful hypercharge ability in the future, especially from dedicated Poco players.

In the Season 25 patch notes, Poco's Tuning Fork gadget now provides a healing rate of 10% of the user's maximum HP per second, up from eight. Additionally, his Protective Tunes gadget offers increased immunity for a total of four seconds. While he may be below Colt in rank, Poco remains a force to be reckoned with.

In the 'A Tier':

Brock - A brawler with impressive range, high damage, and an area of effect after each rocket impact. With the right gear, Brock's damage can exceed 2000 HP at power level 11, coupled with the Rocket No 4. gadget and a reload gear for sustained firepower and survival potential.Brock has two excellent gadgets, with Rocket Laces allowing him to escape from close range brawlers and Rocket Fuel enabling him to demolish walls, providing him with more shooting opportunities. Despite not receiving any changes in the latest update, he remains a top-tier brawler and doesn't rely on a hypercharge to excel.

However, due to the threat posed by other long-range brawlers like Mandy and Piper, Brock has been moved down a tier. His inability to reach them, coupled with the absence of significant recent changes, justified this decision. Notably, Brock has not seen any buffs or nerfs since 2022, indicating that Supercell is satisfied with his current performance.

Moving on to El Primo, his new hypercharge ability has elevated him to one of the best close-range brawlers in Brawl Stars, a significant improvement from his previous standing. Particularly effective in Brawl Ball, where he can deal substantial damage up close, boast high health points, and execute a deadly super, he has become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Moreover, his capacity to traverse the map, break walls, and create scoring opportunities has further enhanced his gameplay. Recent buffs have bolstered his damage output, as well as his El Fuego star power and Asteroid Belt gadget. With the added ability to pull in enemies when using his super, El Primo has successfully revitalized the prominence of close-range brawlers in the current meta.

In summary, both Brock and El Primo have undergone notable developments, and their respective positions in the tier list accurately reflect their current capabilities.

Close-Range Brawlers Comparison

Rosa is a formidable tanky brawler in Brawl Stars, boasting a super ability that further enhances her resilience. While playing as a close-range brawler can be challenging, especially with numerous opponents possessing slow, stun, or knockback abilities, Rosa's durability makes her a tough adversary, particularly when equipped with the right setup. She is widely regarded as one of the top close-range combatants in the game.

In game modes like Hot Zone, leveraging her Grow Light gadget to create bushes around her can greatly enhance her effectiveness. Furthermore, her Plant Life star power allows her to bolster her health by 324 HP per second while in bushes. This strategic approach may not yield a high number of eliminations, and players may find themselves getting knocked out more frequently, but it significantly increases their chances of securing victory.

Rosa's recent buffs and the introduction of her Hypercharge have elevated her status as one of the premier close-range options in the game. Nevertheless, the success of close-range brawlers is heavily influenced by map rotation, making it challenging for them to consistently excel. In open maps with limited coverage, Rosa can become a liability for those who are not adept at utilizing her. Despite receiving a slight speed buff but a notable damage nerf in season 24, the adjustments have effectively balanced her overall power, ensuring she remains a formidable force.

Regrettably, due to a health nerf introduced in the Starr Toon Studio patch, Rosa has been relegated to the B tier. As a tanky brawler, the reduction in her most critical attribute has made her more challenging to utilize. Additionally, it now takes a few more hits to charge her super, impeding her ability to spawn her formidable shield. Consequently, she requires additional support to reclaim her standing.Barley, a skilled brawler with unique abilities, requires some practice to master his throwing mechanics effectively. To maximize his potential, it's essential to play him on maps with ample walls for cover. Despite a slight delay in his attacks landing, once you get the hang of it, he becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

While Barley may not boast the highest damage output compared to other brawlers, his wide-area super can control the battlefield. However, foes can easily evade the damage if they swiftly move out of the affected zone. The recent buffs in season 24 have slightly improved his performance, hinting at the possibility of him climbing up the tiers with potential future enhancements.

Nita, on the other hand, brings a different set of skills to the table. While she may lack the power without her bear companion, her quick reload time and decent damage output make her a reliable choice. Her super ability can turn the tide of battle, although losing her bear leaves her vulnerable.

One of Nita's unique strengths lies in her ability to strategically attack enemies hiding behind obstacles by utilizing clever angles. Additionally, her bear serves as a valuable distraction, allowing players to capitalize on the chaos and secure crucial eliminations. Despite not standing out significantly, Nita's utility in controlling enemy movements and setting up plays cannot be underestimated.Nita, despite her last nerf being in 2020, has received three buffs since then, including a significant HP buff for her bear, making it more durable in crucial moments. Supercell seems to be quite satisfied with her current state, and we agree, as she remains easy to unlock and remains useful even after unlocking 70+ brawlers.

In the 'C Tier', we have Bull . While he has seen some improvement since moving out of the 'D Tier' last year, he still struggles in many game modes due to his limited attack range. Although his damage output is high, he often finds himself being outmatched in 1v1 situations. Despite this, he can be effective in maps and modes with ample walls to support his playstyle, such as Bounty and certain Brawl Ball/Heist maps. His hypercharge ability has given him a significant boost, providing an 80% shield during his super, increased speed, damage, and shield without it. However, he still remains the weakest brawler in the rare brawlers tier list.

In conclusion, while Nita remains in a favorable position, Bull continues to struggle, even with recent improvements.

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