Mastering Melodie in Brawl Stars

To unlock the newest mythic brawler, Melodie, in Brawl Stars, players have two options:

  • Purchase her early access kit in the shop for $19.99 starting from March 27, 2024.
  • Unlock her for 1900 credits on Starr Road after she releases on Thursday, April 4, 2024.

Melodie comes with her own unique value pack in the shop, consisting of various items like pins, coins, power points, gems, and more, spread out over several days.

Players can enhance Melodie's abilities by equipping her with the best star powers, gadgets, and gears that suit their playstyle.

Experiment with Melodie in different game modes to discover where she excels the most and where she may need a bit of tweaking to reach her full potential.

Stay tuned for more tips and strategies to maximize Melodie's performance on the battlefield.Melodie, the new Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars Season 24, brings a unique set of abilities and a charming karaoke-loving persona to the game. Whether you acquire her through the early access bundle or unlock her with credits, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Here's a breakdown of what the early access Melodie bundle offers over an eight-day period: - Melodie - 8 pins - 4000 gold - 2200 power points - 80 gems - Sif Melodie skin

If you opt to unlock Melodie with credits, it's essential to save up your credit rewards from the Brawl Pass. However, if you already own all the brawlers, your credits will convert to fame and cannot be saved. Players can earn credits through Brawl Pass rewards, Starr drops, and occasionally as daily free items in the shop.

Now, let's delve into Melodie's impressive abilities and the best setup for this powerhouse of a brawler.

Brawl Stars Melodie Overview: - Melodie's main attack, "Monster Notes," unleashes a low damage, long-range projectile. Each successful attack spawns a musical note that circles around her, similar to Amber's dancing flames gadget. Melodie can spawn up to three musical notes, which disappear after eight seconds. - Her super, "Catchy Chorus," allows her to dash forward a total of three times. It's important to note that dashing into enemies does not deal damage, and she must utilize all three dashes before recharging her super.

With Melodie's incredible abilities and potential, players are in for an exhilarating experience as they master her skills and dominate the battlefield.Upon release, Melodie does not possess a hypercharge ability.

In the Brawl Stars Melodie guide, her best gadgets and star powers are as follows:

Gadgets: - Perfect Pitch: Melodie's notes gain 25% increased movement speed and a 60% wider orbit for 5 seconds. - Interlude: Melodie gains a 15% shield from each note orbiting her.

Star Powers: - [Star Power 1] - [Star Power 2]

The power level, HP, main attack damage, and musical note damage per note are as follows: - Power Level: 8200 - HP: 920 - Main Attack Damage: 1840

Melodie's musical note damage per note increases with each level, providing a robust and versatile set of abilities for players to explore and utilize in the game.Melodie in Brawl Stars has a unique gameplay style with her musical abilities. Here are some key features to consider:

  • Melodie gains increased movement speed from each note orbiting her, allowing for better mobility and evasive maneuvers.
  • Her notes last for a longer duration before vanishing, giving players more time to strategically position themselves and control the battlefield.

When customizing Melodie, players have the option to purchase gears that cater to different aspects of her gameplay, such as speed, vision, health, shield, damage, and gadget charge.

In terms of recommended setups, all of Melodie's gadgets and star powers have their strengths, but "Interlude" and "Fast Beats" stand out as particularly effective choices. However, "Perfect Pitch" and "Extended Mix" can also be viable depending on individual playstyles.

Considering Melodie's damage output up close with her notes, shields can provide added confidence when engaging enemies directly. With 8200 HP at power level 11, even a single 15% shield significantly enhances her durability. Stackable shields further amplify her defensive capabilities, making her a formidable force in head-on confrontations.

Additionally, Melodie's notes can damage opponents across barriers, allowing for strategic attacks from unexpected angles. Moreover, her super ability grants her three dashes, providing a reliable escape option when facing aggressive foes.

With these considerations in mind, players can craft a setup that enhances Melodie's strengths and playstyle, creating a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Melodie's Brawl Stars Guide

Melodie in Brawl Stars is a formidable long-range brawler, and her speed and defensive capabilities make her a force to be reckoned with. Here's a guide to the best setup for this new mythic brawler:

  • Melodie's speed is a crucial factor in her effectiveness. She becomes more elusive and difficult to hit with increased movement speed. This makes her a threat to close-quarters combat brawlers who struggle to keep up with her and avoid her musical notes. Additionally, her super allows her to make quick escapes, adding to her overall agility and survivability.

  • The best setup for Melodie involves having three musical notes orbiting her with both interlude and fast beats. This combination grants her an increased movement speed of 24% and a 45% shield, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

  • When it comes to gears, a damage gear and gadget charge gear are recommended for Melodie. Dealing more damage in crucial moments can turn the tide of battle in her favor. Moreover, having an extra gadget charge provides her with more shielding or increased movement speed, depending on the chosen gadget.

In terms of game modes, Melodie thrives in the following Brawl Stars modes:

  • Hot Zone: With her high HP and the interlude gadget, Melodie becomes a challenging target to take down in the hot zone. Equipping her with fast beats further enhances her survivability by increasing her movement speed, making her difficult to hit and allowing her to dominate the center of the map with ease.

  • Bounty/Knockout/Wipeout: Melodie's long-range capabilities and speed make her a valuable asset in these modes, allowing her to deal damage from a safe distance and evade enemy attacks effectively.

In conclusion, Melodie's best setup involves maximizing her speed and defensive capabilities, making her a formidable presence in various game modes in Brawl Stars.Melodie excels as a long-range brawler, making her a strong contender in various deathmatch modes due to her ability to charge her super from a distance and dash forward to close in on enemies. Accumulating three musical notes further enhances her survivability in close combat situations.

In Gem Grab, Melodie proves to be an effective gem carrier with her fast beats and interlude equipped. With 8200 HP at power level 11, she can withstand attacks while accumulating shots to charge her super for three dashes. Her agility allows her to escape, secure gems, and retreat, and the fast beats star power makes it challenging for opponents to catch her when holding all the gems.

However, Melodie is not the optimal choice for Brawl Ball. Despite her tankiness and powerful notes, her main attack lacks the damage output required to take down immediate threats like Primo, Bull, Jacky, or Shelly. Additionally, her super does not deal damage or knockback, making it difficult for her to steal the ball from opponents.

In Solo Showdown, Melodie's capabilities and effectiveness are yet to be explored.

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