Finding a new roommate is something you shouldn’t just rush into. You are going to need to share a space with them for the next year or more, depending on what your lease says, so it is a good idea to take your time and find someone who will be easy to work with and shares a lot of the same personality and goals as you. But where are you supposed to start when it comes to finding a roommate to share an apartment with.


You should first figure out some of the requirements you have for anyone you would share a space with. You can write up your own budget so you can share that with them, the move-in date you would prefer, the pets and whether they are allowed, the location you would prefer to live, and any other factors that you think it would be good for a potential roommate to know all about. You can then include this information in an email, text, or some other form to share around as you search for a roommate.


The best place to start when looking for a new roommate is your friends and co-workers and even family members. They may know someone else who is looking for a roommate at the same time, which can make this the perfect way to get a hold of them and move in together. You will need to reach out to your network and see whether that other person is going to make sense to move into an apartment with.


You will be surprised at how much the people in your network will be able to help. You can ask them to share the listing that you create with some of your potential leads and then have them reach out to you directly if they find someone. Maybe they know someone who is moving into town or who is looking for a new apartment and needs a roommate to share. Check with everyone to make sure you won’t miss out on any leads.


Not only do you need to consider who would be a good roommate to move into an apartment with you, you also need to look at some of the available pet friendly apartments in Eugene if you plan to bring along your pet to the new home. We welcome you and your pets to come and call one of our units home and we hope that you will enjoy the space, comfort, and amenities that we are able to offer to you too. Come take a tour with a member of our staff today to see if our apartments are right for you.