Introduction About Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira

Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira, widely recognized by his moniker Danilo, is a formidable presence on the football pitch, excelling as a defensive midfielder for the illustrious Paris Saint-Germain in France's Ligue 1 and the Portuguese national team. His tactical acumen and physical prowess make him a versatile asset, adept at anchoring the defense as a centre-back when called upon. Danilo's journey to the top echelons of European football began with his formative years spent honing his skills in Benfica's esteemed youth system.

Embarking on a professional career that would see him traverse the European football landscape, Danilo's initial venture into Italy with Parma marked the beginning of a series of loans that would pave the way for his development into a top-tier player. It was with Marítimo in 2013 that he truly began to flourish, showcasing his talent and attracting the attention of major clubs. By 2015, his rising star was undeniable, and he secured a move to Porto. There, Danilo's influence was instrumental, contributing to the team's success with two national league titles and a Taça de Portugal victory, and culminating in a memorable domestic double in 2020. His commitment and performances over 202 appearances for Porto etched his name into the club's storied history.

As a representative of Portugal from his youth, Danilo has been no stranger to the international stage, having been a crucial part of the squad since the early days of his career. His international highlights include reaching the final of the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup and making his senior debut in 2015. His defensive tenacity and leadership have not only earned him individual accolades but have also helped steer Portugal to triumph in UEFA Euro 2016 and the 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals, securing his place as a revered figure in Portuguese football lore.

Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira's FUT Centurions card

In the dynamic world of FIFA Ultimate Team, the FUT Centurions card of Danilo Luís Hélio Pereira stands out as a formidable presence in the heart of midfield. With an impressive overall rating of 86, this Central Defensive Midfielder card boasts a well-rounded set of attributes that make it a valuable asset on the virtual pitch. Pereira's pace rating of 75 ensures he can keep up with quick opponents, while his shooting rating of 70 suggests a capability to contribute to the scoreline when the opportunity arises. A passing rating of 77 and dribbling rating of 79 mean Pereira can distribute the ball effectively and maintain control under pressure. However, it is his defense rating of 86, complemented by a robust physicality rating of 89, that truly underscores the advantages of this card. Pereira's commanding presence in the defensive midfield position allows players to thwart opposition attacks, regain possession, and initiate counter-plays, making him an indispensable figure in constructing a team that can dominate the game and secure victories.

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