The unveiling of the Team of the Season (TOTS) festivities in FC 24 Ultimate Team has officially commenced, bringing TOTS Live into the spotlight. Over the next several days and weeks, expect to see a flurry of activity with special player promotions, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), player evolutions, and goal-oriented tasks. We're thrilled to highlight one of the standout additions: TOTS Live Lucas Vazquez.



TOTS Live Lucas Vazquez Overview


Objectives Breakdown

Players have the chance to acquire TOTS Live Lucas Vazquez for their Ultimate Team roster at no expense, thanks to the release of a fresh set of objectives.


We will delve into the specifics of each objective, providing you with the pathway to secure TOTS Live Lucas Vazquez for your squad without the need to part with any of your hard-earned currency!



Lucas Vazquez Objective Details


In honor of the TOTS Live event's kickoff in FC 24 Ultimate Team, players have the opportunity to earn a complimentary player card. Real Madrid's own Lucas Vazquez is the reward up for grabs, accessible by accomplishing a pair of objectives within the Ultimate Team mode. This presents a unique chance to enhance your squad with a skilled addition by meeting the challenge requirements.


Player Attributes


Lucas Vazquez shines with a remarkable 91 overall rating , featuring a swift 93 pace, a potent 86 shooting ability, an accurate 91 passing skill, a nimble 92 dribbling talent, a solid 85 defending prowess , and a robust 82 in physical strength .


Moreover, he is equipped with the Whipped Pass PlayStyle+ and the Jockey PlayStyle+ traits, enhancing his gameplay on the field.



Strategies for Acquisition


Explore the most budget-friendly methods to quickly add this skilled right-back to your roster!


Objective Requirements Part 1


To unlock the TOTS Live Lucas Vazquez, players must meet specific criteria within their FIFA Ultimate Team squad. The conditions are as follows:


  • Ensure at least one player from Spain is included in your lineup.
  • Your squad must feature a minimum of one Team of the Week (TOTW) player.
  • The overall team rating should be no less than 85.


Objective Rewards Part 1

Reward Details:


  • Receive a Mixed Players Pack upon completion.


Objective Requirements Part 2

To unlock the TOTS Live Lucas Vazquez, players must meet the following criteria:


  • Include at least one player from LaLiga EA Sports in your squad.
  • Ensure there is a minimum of one Team of the Week player in your team.
  • The overall team rating should be at least 86.


Objective Rewards Part 2

Squad Composition:


Acknowledgment: EasySBC



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