Robin, the latest 5-star harmony support in Honkai: Star Rail, brings a unique synergy to follow-up units and dual-DPS teams. Her teamwide action advance makes her valuable in 0-cycle setups, making her a versatile addition to any team composition.

If you're aiming to acquire Robin in patch 2.2 and want to prepare materials for her in advance, here's a breakdown of the ascension, trace, and XP materials you'll need, along with the total credits required to maximize her potential.

Please note that the materials listed below are based on the assumption that every single trace in Robin's kit will be maxed out. If you do not plan to level up every trace to level 10, you will require significantly fewer resources compared to the calculations provided. Additionally, the materials needed to level up her light cone and relics are not included, as the cost can vary depending on your account.

Robin Pre-Farming Guide: XP and Credits - Talent and ascension materials are listed in separate sections. - To level up the character, you will need either 290 traveler's guides or 1,160 adventure logs. - The total credits needed to level up all traces to 10, obtain all ascensions, and level Robin to 80 amount to 3.8 million credits.

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