With the recent release of the Genshin Impact 4.6 update, players have been given the opportunity to explore the new Fontaine region, including the Nostoi and Sea of Bygone Eras areas. As adventurers venture through these regions, they can uncover hidden treasures, solve puzzles, and collect valuable primogems along the way.

For those looking to unlock and locate the two shrines of depths in the Sea of Bygone Eras, here is a helpful guide:

Shrine of Depths Locations: - Hortus Euergetis: The first shrine of depths is situated to the east of Initium Iani near Hortus Euergetis. To reach this shrine, teleport to the waypoint west of Initium Iani and swim to the top of the cliff coral. The shrine is hidden under the shelter of an underwater coral. - Collegium Phonascorum: The second shrine of depths can be found in Collegium Phonascorum, positioned in a high location surrounded by yellow ruined pillars. Begin from the southeast teleport waypoint in Alta Semita, swim upwards, and make your way towards the shrine's direction.

Unlocking the Shrines: To unlock the shrines of depths in the Sea of Bygone Eras, players will need Fontaine Shrine of Depths keys, which can be obtained through two different methods.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

Genesis Crystals serve as the premium currency in Genshin Impact , allowing players to acquire exclusive items such as characters and weapons to enhance their gaming experience. These valuable crystals can be obtained through in-game progression, special events, and occasional rewards. For those looking to top up their Genesis Crystals quickly, they can be purchased with real money through various game trading platforms, providing a direct route to accessing some of the game's most sought-after resources and content.

Top Up Genesis Crystals on LootBar

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How to top up Genshin Impact on LootBar

To top up Genshin Impact's Genesis Crystals on the LootBar trading platform, begin by navigating to LootBar's official website at . Once there, choose the appropriate language and currency type that you're comfortable with and ensure you are logged into your account for a smooth transaction. '

Next, proceed to the top up section on the site. Here, you'll find a range of games available for currency purchase. Specifically, select 'top up > Genshin Impact' to proceed with the Genesis Crystal top-up. Decide how many Genesis Crystals you wish to purchase and click the 'Buy Now' button to move forward. '

In the following step, you will need to select the correct server associated with your Genshin Impact account and accurately enter your Genshin Impact UID (User ID). This information is crucial to ensure the top-up is applied to the correct account. '

Finally, after confirming the server and UID details, click on the 'top up' button. The platform will then prompt you to choose your preferred payment method. Select the one that suits you best and complete the payment process. Once the transaction is successful, the Genesis Crystals will be added to your Genshin Impact account, allowing you to enjoy your enhanced gaming experience.