Royale Curries is a place where we provide traditional and classic Indian food. Our chiefs are well-trained and highly educated and use fresh ingredients straight from our kitchen with the best flavourful spices to offer you a finger-licking taste. India is a place where food is a priority for people. which is known for its diverse culture and traditional food. Here at Brisbane, we offer you a wide range of Indian food with delicious flavors. Our restaurant offers a range of vegetarian and classic Indian cuisine that may be ordered for takeout or delivered to homes.


Taste a variety of our vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers. Our restaurant is based on high-quality ingredients and straightforward cooking methods to create dishes with a taste balance. While the flavor profile differs from place to place, many characteristics are universal. Our presentation and quality of food is the best in the world and our restaurant is known as the best Indian Restaurant Brisbane. We promise that we never let you down in terms of the quality or taste of food. Your palate will undoubtedly delight in the feast of our liked meals and their traditional flavor.

People who have been craving Indian food may now enjoy unequal culinary experiences thanks to Royal Curries. We will offer the service of online table booking by calling us. It will make your experience hassle-free. You can get promos and discounts on pre-booking. You can also order food by applying on our website or mobile app. We are always ready to welcome pre-booking customers with the most memorable eating experience. As our guests are excited to taste delectable meals filled with bold flavors and unusual spices, we love to see their delectable faces and pay close attention to their kind remarks. Your evening will be remembered as our well-trained crew provides the greatest hospitality service.

Royal Curries is known as the Indian restaurant  Brisbane because it serves lots of Indian dishes under one roof made up of all traditional recipes. If you want to get together with family members or just thinking of going out with your friends, then you may visit our restaurant and taste our traditional Indian food without giving it a second thought. Serving the best quality and delicious food to all is our passion. Positive feedback and appreciation from our consumers can make us feel good about our services. Thanks to our extensive clientele, we are one of the few restaurants with a good reputation.