Maximizing Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1

In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, players have the opportunity to obtain up to 720 stellar jades, 220,000 credits, and 600 jade feathers. These jade feathers can be utilized to acquire various items from the Priceless Jewels shop, including self-modeling resins, relic remains, and other resources essential for character advancement. To maximize your rewards, it's crucial to assemble effective teams and make use of the best buffs available.

During the period from 29th April to 10th June, the "Fictitious Wordsmithing" event introduces several buffs for teams participating in the Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 Pure Fiction. Here are the available buffs and their effects:

  • Whimsicality (Permanent Buff): This buff allows the accumulation of damage dealt by allies' follow-up attacks. Once the accumulated damage reaches 100%, a set amount of damage is dealt to all enemies.

  • Selectable Buffs (Choose one per team):

  • Examination: Modifies Whimsicality so that it no longer requires accumulated damage from follow-up attacks. Instead, the effect's damage boost increases by 60% after every time an ally launches 3 follow-up attacks.
  • Extrapolation: Triggers the regeneration of energy for all allies equal to 35% of their respective max energy when the Whimsicality effect is activated. The energy recovered via this effect can exceed the ally's max energy.
  • Reductio ad Absurdum: Allows all kinds of damage dealt by allies, apart from follow-up attacks, to accumulate progress equal to 18% of the original damage amount.

If you do not rely on follow-up characters to perform well, the Reductio ad Absurdum buff is the best choice for non-follow-up attack teams. However, if you have follow-up characters such as Herta, Himeko, Ratio, Topaz, or Clara, then the Extrapolation buff is the most suitable for follow-up attack teams.

To illustrate the effectiveness of these buffs, a quick showcase of a stage 4 clear with maximum points (80,000) along with builds for all characters is provided.In stage 4 of Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 - Pure Fiction Fictitious Wordsmithing, it is possible to comfortably clear the stages with 60,000 points or higher to obtain full rewards using the best teams and strategies.

  • The first side of stage 4 is weak to fire and ice, making the traditional Himeko-Herta combo highly effective. Alternatively, if Himeko is unavailable, Pela can be used as a buffer to exploit the ice weakness. Asta is also a strong option due to the prevalence of fire weak enemies.

  • Including Gallagher in the fourth slot synergizes well with Himeko, as he possesses remarkable breaking capabilities. It is also viable to play without a sustain if lacking in damage, as even if a character dies, full rewards can still be obtained. This allows for flexibility in team composition, enabling players to prioritize damage output over defensive support.

Lightning Strategies for Stage 4

For stage 4 - second side, the enemies are mostly weak to lightning damage, making Serval the top choice if you don't have access to premium lightning DPS characters. Serval has consistently performed well in pure fiction and pairs effectively with Tingyun, who can help charge Serval's ultimate. The remaining team slots can be filled with strong buffers like Asta, Pela, and Hanya. Considering Sam is the final boss in the second side, it's important to have sustain to tackle the challenge. It's advisable to maximize points in the first side with Herta, allowing some breathing room for the second side.

In premium team options, for stage 4 - first side, the Himeko-Herta combo along with Ruan Mei and Gallagher is highly recommended. Gallagher's ability to solo break elites can trigger Himeko's follow-up attack immediately, making him a better pick than limited sustain options. With plenty of fire weak enemies, consistent breaks can be achieved, allowing Himeko to take action more frequently with her follow-up attacks. Another effective strategy is to form a hypercarry Herta team with premium sustains, which can also yield great results.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

Oneiric Shards are a crucial resource in 'Honkai Star Rail', pivotal for the upgrading and enhancing of Valkyries and Stigmata, thereby bolstering the characters' strength and abilities. Players can earn these shards through various in-game activities such as completing story missions, event rewards, and daily challenges. For those looking to accelerate their progress, Oneiric Shards are also available for a Honkai Star Rail top up on game trading platforms, where players can purchase them with real currency to quickly power up their characters and gain an edge in their cosmic adventures.

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How to Top Up Honkai Star Rail on LootBar

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