Edgar, an epic rarity brawler in Brawl Stars, distinguishes himself with exceptional movement speed and the ability to inflict significant damage in close combat. Unlike many other brawlers, Edgar is a melee fighter and does not rely on firearms. His attacks, while potent, lack range and necessitate close proximity to opponents for maximum effectiveness.

To optimize Edgar's performance, the following components comprise the ideal build for him in Brawl Stars:

  • Gadget: Hardcore (Provides 3300 shield points that diminish over time.)
  • Gear 1: Gadget Charge (Obtain an additional damage charge.)
  • Gear 2: Damage (Acquire a 15% damage boost when health falls below 50%.)
  • Star Power: Fisticuffs (Reap 25% more healing upon successfully striking an enemy brawler.)

These selections synergize with Edgar's strengths and playstyle, enhancing his survivability and damage output. When utilized effectively, this build empowers Edgar to excel in the fast-paced battles of Brawl Stars.The ideal Edgar build in Brawl Stars revolves around maximizing his offensive capabilities while also providing him with the necessary survivability to thrive in close combat situations.

  1. Hypercharge
  2. Edgar's best star power is "Outburst," which grants him a double super recharge rate and reload speed for 5 seconds. Additionally, during this time, Edgar receives a 15% damage boost, a 15% shield boost, and a 24% movement speed increase.

  3. Gadget

  4. "Hardcore" stands out as the superior gadget for Edgar. This gadget provides him with a substantial 3300 shield, which proves invaluable due to his need to engage closely with enemy brawlers to inflict damage. The shield helps him absorb incoming damage as he moves in for his attacks.

  5. Gears

  6. The recommended gears for Edgar are:

    • Gadget Charge : Given the usefulness of "Hardcore" in battles, the "Gadget Charge" gear becomes essential as it allows Edgar to use his gadget one extra time, amplifying his defensive capabilities.
    • Damage : Since Edgar often operates in close proximity to enemies, the "Damage" gear becomes crucial, granting him a 15% damage bonus when his health drops to 50% and below.
  7. Star Power

  8. "Fisticuffs" emerges as the preferred star power for Edgar. This star power ensures that whenever Edgar attacks an enemy, he receives a 25% bonus in healing, greatly enhancing his survivability in low-health situations.

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