On Petrichor Island in Genshin Impact's 4.6 update, players can embark on a quest to find four hidden treasure chests left by the villager Juliano. These chests hold ancient pieces of paper that provide clues to Juliano's hidden fortune. By discovering these chests, players can also unlock the "What Do You Mean, You Hid Them?" achievement.

To begin the treasure hunt, players should first head to Petrichor Island and ascend the bell tower located in the village's center. There, they will come across a hidden message from Juliano, which contains clues about the locations of his buried treasures.

Chest #1: Facing the Heart of the Mountains - Location: South of Petrichor, climb the slope northeast to discover a cluster of trees. - Clue: Dig near the second tree at the back to reveal the first ancient piece of paper.

Chest #2: Seeking the Eye of the Springs - Location: [Location details from the original article] - Clue: [Clue details from the original article]

[Continue with details for Chest #3 and Chest #4]

By following these steps, players can find all four of Juliano's buried treasure chests and collect the ancient pieces of paper, ultimately leading to the discovery of Juliano's hidden fortune.

Genesis Crystal: Usage and Acquisition

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