Some case studies
UI/UX training in pune ,Case Studies dive deep into your design process to help readers understand how you tackle design challenges. They describe your role in the design and explain each step. These case studies also include screenshots.
Include at least three to four case studies as part of your portfolio. The case studies must showcase your best work and should reflect the kind of work you would like to be hired for.

Your work history
You should also include a section on your website called "Me", or "About Me". You can add testimonials to your social media profiles and link them.

Portfolio skills to highlight
Once you have defined your career goals you can showcase your design skills. You may not have all of these skills depending on your experience level, but it is important to include as many skills as you can.

User Research
In order to better understand the needs and motivations of users, research can include A/B tests, focus groups, and surveys.

Hiring managers are looking for designers who can identify the pain points of users before creating new products.

Users Flows
You need to understand the steps a typical user takes to accomplish a task when designing a digital product. If you are working on a website, for example, the user might arrive on the homepage and click on the embedded video. Then, they may scroll down to the footer to click on one of the links.
Show hiring managers you understand the concept by using screenshots from previous projects.

Wireframing helps designers to solve problems through the establishment of a design's structure. Hiring Managers are looking for UX/UI Designers classes in pune who have wireframing skills and can use wireframing software.

Mockups are a great way to show potential clients and recruiters that you can use popular software to create them.
Create a mockup for a project you are passionate about.

Persona development
You may have an advantage if you've developed personas. Include screenshots and details of your best personas.

Visual design
Include screenshots or mockups of previous web design projects that show the ability to turn an idea into fully-functional websites. Be sure the screenshots provide enough information for the recruiter so they can understand the project.

Information architecture
You can include a case-study that highlights your skills.

Agile design
Many companies use agile product design. Many companies use agile product design.

You can demonstrate this by describing how you worked with customers to obtain their feedback, or how you tested your prototypes on a representative group.

What can I do if I have no UI/UX experience?
Steven Paul Winkel stein clarifies the differences between those who have backgrounds in graphic design and marketing and those that come from the food industry. Winkel stein says that the only difference is in their ability to learn software.

Your formal training as a UI/UX Designer is not more important than your understanding of the tools and principles that you use to design.

A course in UX/UI design Course in Pune is a good way to gain valuable experience.

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