In the latest update of Honkai: Star Rail, version 2.0, players are taken on a journey with the Astral Express crew to the intriguing world of Penacony. This update not only introduces new story quests and side quests but also provides a deeper insight into the lore and surroundings of the game.

One notable side quest in this update involves players repairing a dream ticker supervisor using an eerie building block, a unique and obtainable puzzle building block. This not only adds an element of puzzle-solving to the gameplay but also emphasizes the significance of items in the world-building of Honkai: Star Rail.

The introduction of upgrade materials, relics, and consumable items further enriches the gaming experience, making each object feel essential and meaningful in the game's universe. The attention to detail in incorporating these items into the lore reflects the dedication of the developers in creating a rich and immersive world for players to explore.

Additionally, the quests that span across the Reverie Hotel and the Dreamscape's areas allow players to interact with a diverse cast of characters, adding depth to the storytelling and providing a more comprehensive understanding of the game's universe and its inhabitants.

Penacony is a place where dreams come to life, and it's filled with luxurious experiences for its guests to indulge in. As players journey through the world of "Honkai: Star Rail," they will come across an abundance of clock imagery, including the beloved cartoon character and mascot, Clockie. Clockie is inspired by Penacony's historical figure, the watchmaker, and players will also encounter broken dream tickers scattered throughout the area. To fix these, players must solve Clockie puzzles and reap the rewards.

In one of the rooms within the dreamy landscape of the Reverie, players will meet a broken dream ticker supervisor who continuously repeats the same dialogue. This encounter triggers the adventure mission "Dreams and the Art of Clock Maintenance (I)." Once the dream ticker supervisor regains clarity, they enlist the player to fix the broken dream tickers in the dreamscape and gather 15 eerie building blocks upon completing the Clockie puzzles. These blue boxes are filled with puzzle blocks that emit an eerie aura, causing the dream tickers to malfunction. As players bring back five eerie building blocks at a time, they will notice child-like decor appearing in the dream ticker supervisor's room. Upon collecting all the required blocks, the dream ticker supervisor expresses gratitude to the player and then vanishes, leaving behind a precious treasure chest.

NPC: Broken Dream Ticker Supervisor Location: The Reverie (Dreamscape) Mission Requirement: "Dreams and the Art of Clock Maintenance (I)"After completing the adventure mission in Honkai: Star Rail, players may find themselves with some mysterious and unsettling building blocks in their inventory. Despite no immediate follow-up quest after repairing the dream ticker supervisor, there is a lingering feeling that these building blocks may have a significant role to play in future quests as new areas unfold in version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail, potentially revealing more damaged dream tickers.

The enigmatic origin of these eerie building blocks adds to their intrigue, as there is no clear explanation for their existence or their detrimental impact on dream tickers within the dreamscape. It is conceivable that these blocks were formed as a result of the anomalies plaguing the dreamscape, which in turn are causing disruptions to the dream tickers. Players may also discern that something is awry as Clockie, visible only to the trailblazer, seeks assistance in rectifying anomalies such as the abnormal emo dials of Penacony citizens and visitors.

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