As soon as the temperature goes up, the hospitality industry gets ready to welcome the most bustling season of the year. Travellers today are more keen than ever to explore different places and experience the complete package making it imperative for hotels to be at the top of their game, especially during the summers.

To beat the summer heat, the country witnesses massive traction towards cool, breezy places whether its mountain or the beaches, driving hoteliers to adopt robust hotel marketing strategies.

Summer Season serving as the Bedrock of Hotel Businesses

To escape the scorching heat, many people pack their bags and are ready to hit the road for their short trips or family vacations. With the majority of the populace ready to go out of their comfort zone, it’s quite obvious that hotels become increasingly occupied as everyone strives to search for accommodations.

Even more, since schools don’t run during the summer brea, hotels with activities for children tend to rank at the top of the list for families.

From the majestic sea shores to picturesque mountain ranges, all can be accredited with the influx in hotel occupancy, as people actively look forward to escaping to these locations as a way to beat the summer heat.

Thus, what better than summer hotel marketing strategies to boost the hotel occupancy even further.

Summer Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Hotel Occupancy 2024

Summer 2024 Hotel Marketing Strategies

  1. Offer Irresistible Summer Deals

It’s time that hoteliers create eye-catching summer deals that immediately attract the attention of guests. Hotels can accomplish this by offering packages that combine room stays with complimentary services such as spa treatments or dinner experiences.

Don’t forget to tap into the savings emotion of the guests by offering them with exclusive discounts and redeemable coupons.

2) Optimise for Mobile Booking

In a time where smartphones have penetrated the booking experience, it’s imperative that hotels make the mobile-booking experience user-friendly. Ensure that the mobile site is optimised, and it clearly showcases the prices, availability and photos of the property.

Hotels can also always consider the addition of chatbots onto the mobile app to ensure all guest queries are immediately resolved.

3) Provide Exclusive Summer Updates

Hotel businesses need to make it a priority to continue updating their guests about exclusive summer perks, which could include pool parties, movie screening and much more.

Utilise social media platforms as an important gateway to boost hotel marketing and directly connect with you guests by sharing pictures and videos of your property and what lies ahead for the guests.

4) Organise Summer Contests

Create buzz around the hotel by organising exciting and reward-winning summer contests on the hotel’s social media platforms. Such contests could be in the form of quizzes, skill-based competitions, lucky draws and much more, all of which can engage people to connect with your hotel.

At the same time, offer prizes such as one-night free stay, candle-light dinners, discounts on sight-seeing activities, etc to maintain the thrill and excitement all around.

5) Collaborating with Influencers

When it comes to hotel marketing ideas, one cannot overlook the power of collaborating with influencers, who are an invaluable asset to market your hotel to a wonderful audience.

Start by connecting with influencers who share similar followers as your target audience. From there, invite them to stay at your hotel and share their experience.By connecting with influencers, hotels can generate greater leads which means increased revenue and occupancy.

6) Highlighting Outdoor Activities

Travellers today hate spending their holiday in a room, making it important for hotels to market the outdoor activities near to the property, which can vary from magnificent beaches to hiking trails.

Share captivating photos and alluring descriptions to highlight the outdoor experiences, which will help present guests with a clear picture of the entire experience that awaits them.

Also demonstrate the readiness of your concierge department to offer guests with personalised suggestions that they will enjoy as a part of their outdoor expedition.

7) Partnering with Local Vendors

One of the most significant elements of a hotel marketing plan is to partner with local vendors as they can provide exclusive discounts to your guest, enhancing the quality of the experience up a notch.

Whether it’s a ticket to a theme park or a museum, these local vendors can hook your guests with discounted tickets, increasing your hotel’s reputation in front of the guests.

Thus, this will only make your hotel an ideal stay for your guest but will also push them to extend their stay forward.

Make your Hotel A Frontrunner This Summer

To make this summer the best one so far, it’s time that your hotel switches to these marketing strategies that are geared to not only boost the occupancy but also revenue.

This summer is all about partnering with influencers and local vendors, leveraging social media platforms, and attracting guests with unique offers and tourist attractions.

Don’t fret, offer your guest the best opportunities and experiences this summer, and they will be sure to return during the next one as well.


Q1. What are the marketing strategies for hotels?

Ans: Marketing strategies for hotels basically refers to effective tactics that can be leveraged by hotels to attract guests, and increase the appeal of the property amongst the target audience.

Q2. How to attract customers in a hotel?

Ans: In order to attract customers in a hotel, hoteliers need to move the needle on attractive promotion ideas which could include posting alluring offers on social media or partnering with influencers to boost the grandiose of the property.

Q3. Why is hotel marketing strategy important?

Ans: Without a hotel marketing strategy any hotel would become redundant as guests would fail to know about the property and the experiences that it has to offer.

Q4. How to increase hotel bookings?

Ans: To increase hotel bookings, hoteliers can up their online game with attractive photos, unique experiences and tourist attractions on social media. They can also run special contests, and offer rewards such as one-night free stay, dinner vouchers etc.

Q5. What is hotel occupancy?

Ans: Hotel occupancy basically refers to the percentage of rooms occupied on a particular night, which helps hoteliers determine how efficiently they are using their space and earning revenue.