Introduction About Alexandre Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette, born on the 28th of May, 1991, is a prolific French professional footballer renowned for his striking prowess on the pitch. Currently leading the line for Ligue 1 club Lyon, Lacazette possesses a versatile attacking skill set, allowing him to also shine as a second striker or a wide forward when needed. His journey in professional football commenced with his senior debut at the tender age of 19 with Lyon, the club in his hometown, marking the beginning of a career that would see him develop from a wide forward to a formidable striker.

Rising through the ranks, Lacazette's transformative performance during the 2014–15 season saw him crowned as the top goalscorer in Ligue 1, an achievement complemented by being named Ligue 1 Player of the Year. His talent caught the eyes of top European clubs, leading to a landmark move in 2017 to Premier League side Arsenal. The transfer set a club record at the time, with a deal valued at up to £47.5 million. With Arsenal, Lacazette's notable accomplishments include lifting the FA Cup in 2020 and playing a significant role in their journey to the 2019 UEFA Europa League final. In a turn of events that brought his journey full circle, Lacazette returned to Lyon in 2022 on a free transfer, further cementing his legacy as the club's second-highest all-time top goalscorer.

Internationally, Lacazette's reputation extends beyond club football. After representing France at all youth levels, he made his senior debut for the national team in 2013. His national team highlights include playing a pivotal part in France's triumph at the 2010 UEFA European Under-19 Championship, where his goal in the final secured victory over Spain. Displaying consistent performance on the international stage, Lacazette has contributed with goals and appearances that have underscored his value as a top-tier striker for both club and country.

Alexandre Lacazette's TOTS card

Alexandre Lacazette's Team of the Season (TOTS) card is a testament to his exceptional performance on the pitch, boasting a role as a Striker with an impressive overall rating of 93. With a blistering pace rating of 95 and a precise shooting rating of 93, Lacazette is a formidable force at the front, capable of outpacing defenders and delivering powerful shots on goal. His passing rating of 89 and dribbling rating of 93 ensure that he can navigate through tight spaces and create scoring opportunities, while a robust physicality rating of 90 allows him to maintain possession and shrug off challenges. Although his defense rating is a modest 57, it's his offensive prowess that makes his TOTS card highly advantageous for players looking to add a sharp, attacking edge to their squad, capable of dismantling the opposition's defense and clinching critical goals in the heat of the game.

How to Obtain Alexandre Lacazette's Player Card

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