Revamping the Tier List: A More Precise Assessment

After a year of service, Honkai Star Rail has significantly expanded its roster of playable characters, many of whom are now considered strong options for endgame content. As a result, the original tier list has become outdated and no longer accurately reflects the game's current state.

In response to this, we have decided to revamp the tier list by transitioning from a letter-based system to a numerical ranking system. This rework aims to provide a more precise and up-to-date assessment of the characters' capabilities, taking into account the increased overall power and the introduction of new characters.

The previous flaws in the tier list will be addressed through this rework, ensuring that players have access to a more accurate and informative resource for character evaluation.

The character power evaluation system has been reworked to provide a more accurate representation of character strength. The previous letter system often led to ambiguity and varying interpretations among players. To address this issue, the system has been revamped to a numerical format, which better reflects the relative power levels of characters across tiers.

Here's a breakdown of the tier changes for those familiar with the old system:

  • s+ tier is now tier 0
  • s tier is now tier 1
  • a tier is now tier 2
  • b tier is now tier 3
  • c tier is now tier 4
  • d tier is now tier 5

In addition to these changes, a new feature called "meta lines" has been introduced to enhance the overall evaluation process.

The tier list for Honkai: Star Rail has been revamped to provide a more comprehensive understanding of each character's position. Introducing the new feature "meta lines," the tier list now categorizes characters into different power brackets, allowing players to better assess their capabilities.

Apex Characters (T0 & T0.5): - These characters are the pinnacle of strength, capable of dealing extraordinary damage, offering significant buffs or debuffs, and ensuring the team's survival in any situation. They excel in their respective teams, providing consistent and exceptional results for clearing MOC and PF effortlessly.

Meta Characters (T1, T1.5, T2): - Characters in this bracket are proficient at clearing MOC and PF, albeit requiring more effort compared to the apex characters. They may have more restrictive team options, demand greater relic investment, or possess notable weaknesses. Despite these factors, they remain formidable and reliable, delivering exceptional performance when provided with the necessary support to shine.

Character Power and Tiering System

  • Characters in the niche category (t3 & t4) have certain shortcomings in their roles in moc or pf. Despite this, they can still clear content with the right build, endgame blessing, team, or enemy line-up. However, they have lower play rates and success rates compared to meta and apex characters.

  • The forgotten ones (t5) struggle significantly, either due to their kits not working in the mode or requiring a substantial amount of investment to be effective. It is generally advisable to avoid using them, unless they are a personal favorite and one believes in the power of love.

  • To better represent the power level of each character in relation to each other, half tiers have been added to the higher tier brackets. This allows for a more accurate positioning of characters, preventing multiple characters with clear power and utility differences from ending up in the same tier.

  • A new feature, tags, has been introduced to improve the tier list. These tags are divided into three categories: pros, cons, and archetype. They represent the most defining features of a character’s kit and the current meta archetypes they fit into. Archetype tags indicate a connection between characters with that tag. For example, a character with the "debuff" tag applies one or many debuffs or has a kit that directly relies on them to function.

Character Classifications Update: Inclusive Approach

The character classifications in Honkai: Star Rail have been reworked to ensure a more inclusive approach to the light cone criteria. After a year since its release, players have acquired a substantial number of characters and light cones, prompting a relaxation of the restrictions on the tier list.

The criteria have been adjusted to now allow not only exclusively free light cones, but also include S5 gacha light cones such as S5 Memories of the Past, and S1 standard banner light cones like Clara’s Signature. However, it's important to note that this change does not encompass any form of battle pass light cones, event limited light cones, or higher superimposition levels of standard light cones.

The tier placements have been adjusted accordingly to reflect these changes, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate representation of character abilities and strengths.

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