EA Sports has released the Team of the Season (TOTS) Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Edon Zhegrova for FC 24's Ultimate Team. This comes as a part of the celebration for Ligue 1 players before the anticipated release of La Liga's blue cards.

We will delve into the most cost-effective methods for completing the TOTS Zhegrova SBC and also examine his official stats in detail. Let's explore the options!

Edon Zhegrova's TOTS Card Overview

The latest Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FIFA 24's Ultimate Team mode celebrates Lille forward Edon Zhegrova with a highly anticipated Team of the Season (TOTS) card. This special blue card signifies Zhegrova's outstanding performance in the current season, where he has netted six goals and set up five more in his 32 league matches.

The card boasts an impressive 91 overall rating, highlighting Zhegrova's exceptional abilities on the pitch. His attributes are nothing short of stellar, with a blistering 95 Pace that will terrify defenders. His shooting is formidable at 88, ensuring he can convert chances into goals. The card also features a 92 Passing stat, making him a creative force, and his 96 Dribbling ensures he can weave through opposition with ease. To round it off, an 83 Physical rating means he can hold his own in the toughest of challenges.

Moreover, the right midfielder boasts an impressive repertoire that includes Five-Star Skill Moves and a trio of distinct PlayStyles+, namely Quick Step, First Touch, and Trickster, enhancing his gameplay versatility.

SBC Squad Requirements & Rewards

To accomplish the FC 24 TOTS Zhegrova SBC, players must assemble and submit two distinct squads. Here are the most cost-effective methods for each:

First Squad Submission Criteria:

  • Include at least one player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats in the starting lineup.
  • Ensure your squad features a minimum of one TOTS or TOTW player.
  • The squad's overall rating should be no less than 85.

Unlocking the FC 24 TOTS Zhegrova SBC can yield a Mixed Players Pack as a reward. To successfully complete this challenge, your squad must meet certain criteria:

  • You must include at least one Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) player in your starting lineup.
  • The overall rating of your team should be at least 86.

When assembling your squad, ensure that these requirements are met to claim your Mixed Players Pack.

Prize Details:

  • One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

SBC Completion Cost & Final Thoughts

Upon successfully submitting the necessary teams, you'll unlock two packs and acquire TOTS Edon Zhegrova for your Ultimate Team at an approximate cost of 73.7K coins .

Are you planning to tackle this Ligue 1 TOTS Squad Building Challenge, or are you holding onto your resources for La Liga packs? Share your strategy in the comments!

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