The Ultimate Team mode in FIFA has introduced a new Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring TOTS Alba Redondo, a standout player from Barcelona and a World Cup champion.

Here's a guide to efficiently complete the Alba Redondo TOTS SBC and add her exceptional card to your collection swiftly. This is a golden opportunity to enhance your team, especially if you're building a LaLiga or Spanish-themed squad.

This SBC is an excellent chance to not only secure the Alba Redondo TOTS card but also to potentially bolster your team with additional TOTS LaLiga and TOTS LIGA F players.

Card Attributes and PlayStyle

The Team of the Season version of Alba Redondo boasts an impressive overall rating of 91. Key highlights of her stats include an exceptional 93 in Pace, a remarkable 92 in Dribbling, and a sharpshooting 91 in the Shooting category.

Additionally, this player card features enhanced attributes with the Tiki Taka+, Technical+, and Quick Step+ PlayStyle+ perks, augmenting the player's in-game performance.

SBC Requirements and Cost

If you're looking to add the FC 24 TOTS Alba Redondo card to your squad, you'll be pleased to know that it requires just a single team submission.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Your squad must include at least one player from Spain.
  • The overall team rating should be at least 85.

Ensure you have these elements in place when assembling your squad for submission.

Unlock the impressive 91-rated TOTS Alba Redondo for your team by completing the necessary squad submission. This valuable card can be yours, enhancing your lineup for an estimated cost of approximately 23,000 coins.

Conclusion and Community Engagement

Are you considering adding the Alba Redondo TOTS SBC to your La Liga team roster for an extra edge on the field? Share your thoughts and plans in the comment section!

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