Getting a new place to live, either as your first-ever apartment or not, is a huge step. While there are many housing options in the rental market, studio, and single-bedroom apartments are the best for single dwellers and couples.

In most cases, both options offer a kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom. What differentiates these units is a separate bedroom and living space.

In this article, we’ll talk about the differences and how it impacts your rental decision.


Most one bedroom apartment homes in Deerfield IL and other big cities are significantly larger than studio apartments. Hence, you get a larger living room and bedroom, and more space for storage.

If you are minimalist, you might find the limited space of studio apartments appealing. For renters with large possessions, it’s best to go for a one-bedroom apartment.

Also, people who work from home or live with their spouse should go for one-bedroom units.

However, you might find loft apartments, which are larger studios, originally used as warehouses. They are more expensive but offer more space than studio and one-bedroom flats.


As mentioned earlier, one-bedroom flats are usually more spacious than studio apartments, which makes them more expensive to rent.

Aside from higher rent prices, it costs more to illuminate, cool, and heat one bedroom. Also, you might have to purchase more furniture to fill the extra space, making it pricier to decorate and furnish.




Another perk of renting a one-bedroom flat over a studio is a separate bedroom is a separate bedroom for privacy. For couples, one-bedroom units might be your best bet. It offers plenty of personal space to allow you to have your alone time even when hosting friends and family.


One-bedroom flats boast large living space which means more area to clean. Studio apartments are smaller, making it easy to keep organized and decluttered. If you hate to spend the weekends cleaning your apartment, studio condos are your best bet.


The choice between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment boils down to your living preference and lifestyle. For renters looking for lower rent, a minimalist lifestyle, and an easy-to-maintain home, opt for studio apartments.

If you want privacy, more space, and a separate bedroom and living area, a bedroom apartment is the best choice. Keep in mind that some studios might be more expensive than a one-bedroom flat depending on the location and amenities offered.