No matter the size of the apartment you choose to make your own, your bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary. This is the place you go when it is time to relax and sleep. Whether you are reading a book or trying to get some restful sleep at the end of the day, you want to make sure that there are not a ton of distractions around that will slow you down from your goals of sleeping and feeling your best. Keeping your bedroom clean and organized will make a big  difference and some of the best tips to help you here include:


# Organize the dresser: We can take some time to work on the dresser of the bedroom. You want to clear the clutter off the top so it is not as messy as you usually have it. Then take out every item of clothing and sort it out based on how often you wear the item.

# Rethink the closet: If you find that your closet is filled to the bursting point, then it is time to do some work. You should have some room to walk around in the closest, or should at least be able to see what is in there. If you can’t, then go through every item and decide if it is something worth keeping. If you haven’t worn it for months, then it is time to throw it out and clear up the space.

# Make and clean your bed: You need to take the time to make your bed every morning when you get up in the morning. You can clean it all off and take care of the end tables and other things that are nearby as well. Five minutes of picking up and making your bed in the morning will help set the tone for the whole day and ensure that you are able to get more done all day long.


Finding an apartment that is close to the university and will give you all the space and more that you need can be a lifesaver when you are going to college. You also want to find a good community that will keep you safe and helps you to get the home of your dreams. That is why it is time to check out our  apartments in Kent State University to make one your own. We welcome you to come take a look at some of the units to explore the space, ask questions, and see why our amenities set us apart. Contact us today to schedule a showing and to learn more!