There are a few different things that your landlord is going to look through when it is time to decide if you are a good tenant to move into one of their units. They want to look at the amount of income that you make each month to see if it is high enough to cover all of the expenses. They want to look at your rental history to see if you have any evictions or if you were a model tenant in the past. And they will want to look over your credit report to make sure you do not have a ton  of missed payments on there.


But when you do have some problems on your credit report that you are worried about, you may need to look at some alternative options that will help you get through it and still get into the apartment of your dreams. One of the options that you can choose is to find a roommate who will be able to split the cost of the rent and can show a strong credit report as well.


When you move into an apartment with a roommate, it can really do some wonders for taking the pressure off your credit history. It is similar to having a co-signer, but they get to live in the apartment with you so it is often a better situation for both parties. You will need to choose a roommate who has a good credit history for this to work and your combined income will help cover the rent, then this is a smart decision.


As you do this, consider signing a roommate agreement between the two of you. This will ensure that both parties know the responsibilities that they need to stick to and can help the other roommate know that you are taking all of this seriously and will pay your rent on time and keep the place clean, even if you have a lower credit score right now.


Finding  student housing in Huntsville can be a dream come true. You will know that you are in a safe community of others who can spend time with you and have some fun, and you will not have to worry about living too far from campus. Add in some great amenities and lots of space to spread out, and you will want to move in as soon as possible. Our team is here to answer any of your questions and to take you on a tour of some of our units today!