As a Hotelier, who is looking forward to automating the hotel management journey, choosing the best Hotel PMS is more than paramount. Amongst the competitive Hotel PMS market, both eZee Absolute and Hotel X have carved an indelible mark.

Being pioneers in launching a Cloud-based PMS both softwares ensure an automated journey, reducing dependency on conventional systems.

Powered by encrypted servers, both these distinct cloud-based Hotel PMS are data-safe offering unparalleled privacy.

Then the question that remains is what makes Hotel X the better all-in-one Hotel Management Software. The answer is quite simple, Hotel X beats its competitors by enabling Hoteliers to curate an immersive experience across various departments with cost-effective disruptive solutions.

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Hotel X vs eZee Absolute

Hotel X Difference

Accessibility — Caters to all segments from Small, Mid to Big Hotels Pricing Competitive Pricing, starting from zero upfront cost PMS — Calendar View + Real-Time Booking List Channel Manager — Automatic Rate Setting for Revenue Growth Housekeeping — Automatically Marks room as Dirty and Directly Assigns Housekeeper

eZee Absolute Difference

Accessibility — Only caters to Mid-Size Hotels Pricing — Different Pricing for Different software, be it PMS or Channel Manager PMS — Only Calendar View Channel Manager — Manual Set Up with High chances of Overbooking Housekeeping — Connects indirectly with the Housekeeper through the Frontdesk

The Ultimate Solution Catering to Allnbsp;

While eZee Absolute allows a plethora of mid-size hotels to automate their management journey, it falls short on catering to the entire Hospitality Industry as a whole.

Built by the industry’s best Hoteliers for every Hotelier, Hotel X has given a new outlook to inclusivity and accessibility all together. Be absolutely worry-free as Hotel X also offers free training.

With such a seamless and intuitive interface that can be used by all without any prescribed training, Revivo Hotel X is the perfect solution for both new-comers and experts. Starring a compatibility capability that can cater to a property with mere 10 rooms to 500 rooms, Hotel X is designed for all, Small, Mid to Large properties and resorts.

Pricing that is Set to Impress Every Hotelier

Unlike eZee Absolute that has multiple products, separate panels and licence for which it charges differently for every product, Hotel X is an all-in-one Hotel PMS.

Being an all-in-one Hotel PMS, it features a very competitive price from other market players which is inclusive of all its different services from Housekeeping to Channel Manager.

As it leverages a single unified dashboard and licence for all its services, it enables Hoteliers to use diverse solutions within the same price.

Designed from a growth-centric mindset, Revivo — Hotel X has no user limitation, and starts from zero-upfront cost, along with a very minimal platform fee.

Makes Every Customer a PMS Championnbsp;

Despite both of them being cloud-based Hotel PMS, Hotel X leads the race emerging as the enhanced choice.

eZee absolutely fails from making the mark, as it only offers a calendar view, which becomes highly exhaustive to understand, and can lead to delays in check-in as the Hotel will struggle to find the right bookings at the right time.

On the contrary, Hotel X, as a property management system has outpaced its competitors, as it has made booking management a highly organised process.

While it does offer a calendar view, in order to streamline bookings a step further, it creates separate lists which display real-time information regarding, ongoing, upcoming, completed and even no-show bookings.

Skyrockets Hotel’s Revenue Growth

There is nothing more than profitability that attracts Hoteliers towards a Hotel Management Softwares.

Surpassing eZee Absolute wherein hoteliers have to manually set the room availability, which can lead to errors which increases chances of overbooking and loss of revenue, Hotel X boosts revenue growth.

Its channel manager is designed in a way that it harnesses the power of AI to tell and set the right rates based on demand.

By automatically showcasing available rooms and matching it with the right price, Hotel X maximises bookings.

Cracking the code to ensure zero overbooking, Hotel X also offers season-based pricing, creating a new narrative of revenue growth.

Delight Guests with Expedited Service

Whether you work in hospitality or not, it’s an undebatable fact that eminent Housekeeping is the heart and soul of the Hospitality Industry.

What gives Hotel X its edge over eZee Absolute, is the latter’s inability to optimise Housekeeping, as it only shows which room is clean or not and then sends that information to the frontdesk and then housekeeping which leads to delayed service.

Hotel X not only automates the entire Housekeeping process, but also marks rooms as dirty and thereafter directly notifies and assigns housekeeping staff, minimising the role of third parties, which allows for expedited service.

Further, it is customizable so Hoteliers can set the rules accordingly, from rotational to floor-basis.

Created to help Hoteliers empower housekeeping staff, it also offers direct notification and performance reports to managers.

In regards to which, Hotels can know the best performers, and can accordingly appreciate and reward the hard work of their staff.

Hotel X for the WIN

Now you know, what makes Hotel X the best Hotel Management Software, designed specifically to cater to all types of Hotel establishments.

With Hotel X all you’ve to do is sit back and relax while it boosts your revenue growth and automates your management journey.

Connect with us today, to kick-start your Automated Hotel Management Journey with none other than Hotel X. Start today at zero-upfront cost for guaranteed growth and success!