Beginner guide for wuthering waves

Introducing Wuthering Waves, an immersive open-world action RPG boasting a captivating narrative and exceptional freedom. This futuristic tale unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world, devastated by a cataclysmic event known as the Lament, which decimated humanity and unleashed mysterious creatures dubbed Tacet Discords. Nevertheless, humanity persevered and gradually rebuilt their civilization. The game's protagonist, amnesiac Rover, who awakens from a profound slumber, embarks on a journey of discovery in this transformed world.


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The system's key highlights are:

  • Sprinting doesn't deplete your stamina when you're not in combat.
  • You can use a grapple movement to reach medium to tall distances, which consumes stamina.
  • A mid-air jump is possible, but it also drains stamina and resets when you touch the ground.
  • Wall-running allows for faster climbing but consumes more stamina.
  • Sliding down inclines grants you greater control over your movement.
  • While wall-running, if you encounter a roof ledge, your character can grasp it and pull themselves up.
  • When you stop gliding, you can continue moving in the direction you were aiming (using WASD) as you fall. Additionally, you have the option to stop at any time.
  • The Gadget Menu offers a slow-time effect while selecting a tool.



Exploration in the game is structured with various zones, each with incremental progress indicated as percentages, which increase as you complete chests and puzzles. Every 20% of progress up to 80% per zone will earn you points from the Pioneer Association. Accumulating a specific number of points unlocks new gadgets and recipes, enhancing exploration and expediting activities in different regions.

Gadget menu of wuthering waves



Resonators, referred to as those characters in the game, are aligned with a specific element, whereas the main character "Rover" can wield all elements. In combat, characters inflict elemental damage in all attacks except when using Echo Skills. Details about Echoes will be discussed later. The elemental types include:

  • Spectro (Light)
  • Havoc (Dark)
  • Fusion (Fire)
  • Aero (Wind)
  • Glacio (Ice)
  • Electro

Elemental types of wuthering waves

Enemies are classified into 3 types: Small, Medium and Bosses. Each enemy has a different and more proactive moveset, with some small enemies even using special abilities that help other small enemies. Some enemies are pure-elemental, making them immune to their element, while others are more resistant to their own element. This resistance system also applies to bosses.

Enemy types of wuthering waves(Small, Medium and Bosses)

Medium and Bosses possess a STAGGER meter, referred to as Vibration Strength. When this meter is emptied, the enemy is immobilized and vulnerable to all attacks. By inflicting Vibration Damage through Heavy Attacks, specific Skills, and/or countering their flawed attacks, you can deplete this meter more rapidly. Once depleted, there's a limited window to inflict damage before the enemy fully recovers. Understanding this mechanic is crucial for endgame encounters and for knowing when characters can parry flawed attacks.
Executing a timely dodge during an enemy attack triggers Extreme Evasion, slowing time briefly and enabling you to advance to the final step of your Normal Attack combo. Your invincibility frames persist as long as you refrain from attacking and continue dodging. You can dash to dodge twice before it enters an internal cooldown, which can be reset by swapping characters.



There are currently four distinct materials utilized for weapons and abilities, each corresponding to a specific type of monster:

  • Star-Core (Disorder Monsters)
  • Cell-Core (Infected Animals)
  • Rings (Humanoids/Rebels)
  • Masks (Fractsidus faction)

Materials of wuthering waves


Echo system

Echo system of wuthering waves

In this game, Echoes function as equipment, serving the role of armor and accessories as seen in traditional RPGs. Equipping Echoes to your Resonator provides various stat increases, such as HP, ATK, and Energy Regeneration. Echoes are the primary source of stat enhancements for Resonators.

Every Echo possesses an active Echo ability.

There are a total of 5 Echo slots, with an active Echo Ability belonging to the Echo in the first slot. The order of the remaining slots is inconsequential.

Each Echo has a COST requirement ranging from 1 to 4, based on the Echo’s Class. Resonators have a COST limit of 10 initially, which can be upgraded to 12 through Data Dock upgrades. Resonators can only equip Echoes up to the COST limit.


Union level

In Wuthering Waves, your Union Level represents your overall account level. Advancing this level unlocks additional daily activities and quests. Moreover, raising this level increases the level cap for your weapons and resonators. As your Union Level increases, enemies become more challenging, but the rewards improve as well. Presently, the maximum Union Level attainable is 60.

Union level of wuthering waves


Tower of Adversity

Tower of Adversity, also known as TOA, is a high-level, high-difficulty game mode involving challenging a tower and its stages, often considered the "Endgame" by both players and developers. All the efforts and grinding in the game will play an important role in this mode.

The Tower is divided into 3 different zones:

  • Stable Zone
  • Experimental Zone
  • Hazard Zone

Tower of Adversity(ToA) in wuthering waves

Completion of the challenge within the time limit determines the stars you obtain, with each tower stage featuring unique buffs and challenges. It's recommended to swap compositions, characters, and gear per stage due to these variations.


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