Elevate your team's offensive prowess by introducing a fresh ST role for your left winger, enhancing your squad's overall attacking capabilities. This strategic move is complemented by the introduction of two innovative PlayStyle+ bonuses, which are accompanied by a suite of attribute enhancements and the addition of a novel playing position. Delve into the intricacies of optimizing your offensive strategies with our in-depth FC 24 Ultimate Attack Evolution walkthrough.

Ultimate Attack Evolution Overview

This feature empowers gamers to enhance a chosen player, providing all Ultimate Team enthusiasts with a fantastic chance to bolster their squad even more.

  • Prerequisites for Ultimate Attack Evolution Players

Player Requirements for Ultimate Attack Evolution

Delve into the strategic enhancement of your top players with our guide on achieving Ultimate Attack Evolution in FC 24. Not every player in the game qualifies for this prestigious upgrade; only those meeting EA's specific benchmarks can ascend to greater heights.

It is imperative to approach the selection process with discernment. Opt for a player from a team you support or aim to bolster a player's capabilities to create a powerhouse on the field. Remember, this choice is final—once you've committed to a player, there's no turning back.

To embark on the journey of Ultimate Attack Evolution, your player must align with the following criteria:

  • The player's overall rating should not exceed 86.
  • Eligible positions include Left Wing (LW) only.
  • A maximum of two alternative positions is permissible.
  • Players can have up to seven different playstyles.
  • Additionally, one enhanced playstyle is allowed.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your player is on the right track to evolve their Ultimate Attack and become a dominant force in FC 24.

Top Player Recommendations

Enhance your squad's prowess with one of three exceptional Ultimate Attack Evolution choices. Each option requires the player to meet specific qualifications to unlock their full potential.

Consider these three standout players for peak results in the Evolution process, complete with their anticipated overall ratings:

  • Luis Diaz, in his In-Form version from Liverpool, boasts an impressive 86 OVR.
  • Federico Chiesa's Centurions card, representing Juventus, also carries an 86 OVR.
  • Wilfried Zaha's Radioactive edition from Galatasaray rounds out the trio with an 86 OVR as well.

Step-by-Step Upgrade Process

To upgrade your chosen player, it's essential to meticulously plan the progression to boost their overall rating by +7 OVR.

Follow the comprehensive steps outlined below to adeptly progress in Ultimate Attack Evolution.

Level 1 - Evolution Challenges and Rewards

Embarking on Level 1 Challenges:

  • Participate in two matches within Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions, ensuring the difficulty is at least Semi-Pro and your EVO player is actively competing.

  • Secure a victory in one match across Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on a minimum Semi-Pro difficulty with your EVO player in play.

Gaining Level 1 Rewards:

  • Enhance your player's Overall stats by +3.

  • Improve Shooting abilities with a +4 boost.

  • Augment Dribbling skills also by +4.

  • Increase Pace by +3 to outmaneuver opponents.

  • Elevate Passing proficiency with a +3 enhancement.

  • Add a touch of creativity with the PlayStyle Flair attribute.

Level 2 - Evolution Challenges and Rewards

Embark on Level 2 Challenges to amplify your FC 24 gameplay experience:

  • Secure victory in 4 matches within Squad Battles or the Rivals/Champions modes, ensuring your EVO player is actively participating, with a minimum difficulty setting of Semi-Pro.

  • Contribute to your team's success by assisting in 3 goals, again utilizing your active EVO player across Squad Battles or Rivals/Champions encounters, with the Semi-Pro difficulty as your baseline.

Upon conquering these Level 2 Challenges, reap the following rewards to enhance your player's prowess:

  • Boost your player's Overall rating by +4, reflecting a significant improvement in their general performance on the pitch.

  • Sharpen your player's Shooting skills with an impressive +5 increase, enabling more precision and power behind each shot.

  • Enhance the Physical attributes by +3, giving your player the extra strength and stamina needed for enduring matches.

  • Ramp up the Pace by +4, allowing your player to outmaneuver opponents with increased speed.

  • Elevate your Passing game with a +3 enhancement, ensuring better ball distribution and playmaking opportunities.

  • Adopt the PlayStyle Trivela, adding a new dimension to your player's tactical approach and on-field versatility.

Level 3 - Evolution Challenges and Rewards

Tier 3 Challenges:

  • Participate in 3 matches against Rivals or Champions with your EVO player in an active role.

  • Secure victories in 3 Squad Battles or equivalent Rivals/Champions matches at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, ensuring your EVO player is involved.

  • Achieve a total of 5 goals with your EVO player in Squad Battles or during Rivals/Champions encounters, playing at Semi-Pro level or above.

Tier 3 Bonuses:

  • Enhance Dribbling by +3

  • Boost Physical attributes by +4

  • Upgrade Position to ST

  • Acquire Aerial PlayStyle

  • Gain the Power Shot PlayStyle enhancement

  • Add the Technical PlayStyle boost


Achieving victory in this Evolution event will reward your player with an impressive +7 boost to their overall rating! This Evolution presents a thrilling chance to upgrade your player's skills.

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments which player you're looking forward to evolving!

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