Wuthering Waves is an open-world action RPG where you play as Rover, awakening in a land ravaged by the Lament, embarking on an epic quest to reclaim lost memories with the aid of Resonators and explore the vast freedoms and mysteries of a beautifully desolate world.


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Wuthering Waves character Yinlin




2024 is another year full of exciting and amazing mobile games. Honestly it’s hard to tell which one is better than the others, especially in the field of action RPG game. In such a context, over 2024 so far, Wuthering Waves may have been one of the most anticipated and financially successful mobile games.

Wuthering Waves hits 30 million downloads


Up until now, WuWa(short for Wuthering Waves) has already achieved 30 million downloads globally and it has earned more than 36 million USD in mobile revenue for its developer and publisher, Kuro Games, making it almost a wonder because it has just been released on May 22nd, 2024.


It's not just a haphazard coincidence for Kuro games to achieve such a milestone. It is every efforts and love that the developers put into WuWa. Among all the elements, character design is one of the most competitive features which makes WuWa stand out.


There are so far 17 playable/obtainable characters, also known as “resonators” in WuWa, and everyone is capable of one of the attributes: Aero, Glacio, Electro, Fusion,Spectro and Havoc. Methods to obtain resonators include: story mode, special event, and Convene(gacha).

Wuthering Waves character Yinlin


Among all 17 resonators, yinlin is universally acknowledged as one of the most popular one due to her appearance, characteristics, storyline as well as her strong kits with considerable damage dealt, buffs and off-field skill. which allows her perform well on a support, a sub-DPS and a DPS role. She is truly worthy of the title of a five star resonator. For now, you can only get this character through Event Convene When Thunder Pours 2024-06-06, which will end on June 26th, 2024 11:59 server time.


Throughout the entire background story of Yinlin’s that Kuro Games has officially released, Yinlin is a congenital resonator and was once one of the best patrollers in Jinzhou, which was later dismissed due to a case. However, she did not give up to her fate. In contrast, she chose to investigate all the evil secretly.

Wuthering Waves character Yinlin


\With her little dark puppet, Yinlin is especially capable of dealing damage to multiple targets at a time, as well as AoE damage to a crowds of enemies. She can also mark the enemies. After an enemy with the mark is hitted, the mark “Sinner’s mark” will automatically be switched to another type of mark “Punishment Mark”, lasting 18 seconds and causing damage to the enemy even if the attack is from other teammates.


Her intro skill is called Raging Storm, which allows her cute puppet to attack and to deal Electro damage in a large range. Her outro skill is called Strategist, offering buffs for both Electro damage and Resonance Liberation damage for the next character or the other characters on a team nearby that activates an outro skill. Also, her Resonance Liberation allows her to deal huge damage for a large range with her puppet.


In summary, she can deal massive damage and have outstanding AoE capabilities. At the same time, she performs well when it comes to off-field damage and buffs. From this perspectives, many believes that she belongs to the top tier when speaking of sub-DPS.


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