If you have children and are going through a divorce, there are some problems that can come up along the way. This is often one of the most difficult parts of a divorce because there are a lot of emotions around the kids and missing them. You will have to come up with agreements about the schedules to use for them, any major decisions concerning the kids, and even parenting styles now that the two of you will not be living together. Some of the principles that you can follow to make sure that you and your ex are able to keep a peaceful and healthy co-parenting relationship along the way includes:


# Communication: This one factor is key to helping you be successful with co-parenting. It is important that you and your ex are able to have open and honest communication with one another about the kids. This can include making decision together, discussing concerns, and sharing information when it is relevant.

# Flexibility: You need to be flexible here and willing to compromise a bit. Both parents need to have a role when it is time to raise the children in order to make them happy and healthy. If you get stuck on a small thing, it can hurt the whole relationship, which is going to harm the kids. 

# Respect: You need to be respectful to your ex, even when the situation gets difficult. You may not always agree with the decisions that your ex is making, but you do need to respect them as a parent and refrain from disparaging comments or actions. 

# Boundaries: Another thing you can work on is setting boundaries. This is going to be so important to help make sure that your ex and you can have a healthy and respectful relationship. You need to clearly define your roles, expectations, and responsibilities so there are no surprises along the way.


It is possible that you and your ex will run into some problems when it is time to handle co-parenting and how to raise the kids. You may need to work with an Omaha divorce attorney to help you get things done. Starting off on the right foot with an agreement on how to raise the kids and how to handle different things can make a world of difference and can help prevent a ton of conflicts as time goes on. When you need help with co-parenting issues or anything else that comes up with your divorce, make sure to contact our team today!