Introduction About Ivan Ricardo Cavaleiro

Hailing from Portugal, Ivan Ricardo Neves Abreu Cavaleiro has established himself as a formidable talent on the football pitch, known for his adept skill as a left midfielder. Born on the 18th of October, 1993, Cavaleiro has ascended through the ranks to become a key player for Ligue 1's Lille, showcasing his versatility as both a winger and a forward. His technical proficiency and on-field awareness make him a standout player, constantly proving his worth on the field.

Cavaleiro's journey into professional football is rooted in a strong foundation laid at Benfica's prestigious youth academy. His time at Benfica culminated in a memorable domestic treble during the 2013–14 season, an achievement that speaks volumes of his contributions and potential. His career trajectory then saw him venture abroad, with professional stints at Deportivo La Coruña in Spain and Monaco, before committing to a significant portion of his career in England, where he played for Wolverhampton Wanderers and later for Fulham, initially joining the Wolves in 2016.

Beyond his club accomplishments, Ivan Ricardo Cavaleiro has also made a significant impact on the international stage. With an impressive tally of 63 caps for Portugal's youth teams across all age groups, accompanied by 13 goals, he has demonstrated his prowess at every level. His senior international debut in 2014 was the natural progression for this adept left midfielder, marking the beginning of what many football enthusiasts see as a long and successful tenure with the national team. Cavaleiro's career, punctuated by dedication and remarkable performances, makes him a player to watch and an asset to any team fortunate enough to have him.

Ivan Ricardo Cavaleiro's card

Ivan Ricardo Cavaleiro's player card showcases him as a Left Midfielder with a solid overall rating of 72, reflecting a balanced blend of pace, precision, and power essential for his position. With a pace rating of 82, Cavaleiro is a swift force on the flank, capable of outpacing defenders and creating dynamic plays. His shooting rating of 70 and dribbling at 73 make him a sharp attacking threat, adept at slicing through the opposition's defenses and finding the back of the net. Meanwhile, a passing rating of 66 ensures he can distribute the ball effectively, and his physicality rating of 73 indicates a robust presence on the pitch. Despite a defense rating of 37, Cavaleiro's skill set is tailored for offensive impact, making him a valuable asset for those looking to inject speed and agility into their team to capitalize on scoring opportunities and secure victories.

How to Obtain Ivan Ricardo Cavaleiro's Player Card

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