In the latest update of Genshin Impact, version 4.5 introduced Chiori, but the community is already eager for what's to come in version 4.6. One of the highly anticipated additions is Arlecchino, who is expected to bring a unique gameplay experience, stunning animations, and a remarkable weapon called the Crimson Moon's Reckoning. Leaks surrounding Arlecchino's details have been surfacing, generating a buzz among players. Here's a glimpse into the leaked information and how the community is responding:

  • Arlecchino's Kit and Animations
  • Elemental Skill: All is Ash
  • (More leaked details to be added here)

The community's reactions and speculations are fueling excitement as they eagerly anticipate the release of version 4.6. Stay tuned for more updates as the Genshin Impact community continues to unravel the mysteries surrounding Arlecchino.Arlecchino, a new character in Genshin Impact 4.6, brings unique abilities and animations to the game.

  • Elemental Skill: All is Ash Arlecchino's elemental skill summons a red-colored structure called Balemoon Bloodfire. This allows her to dash forward and summon multiple Balemoon Bloodfire wings, dealing Pyro damage to enemies in an area of effect (AOE) and applying a debuff called Blood-Debt Directive. The debuff lasts for 30 seconds and deals Pyro damage to opponents every three seconds, with a maximum of three instances. Using a charged attack allows Arlecchino to absorb and clear nearby Blood-Debt Directives, granting her a bond of life worth 20% of her max HP.

  • Elemental Burst: Balemoon Rising Arlecchino's elemental burst, Balemoon Rising, summons an increased number of Balemoon Bloodfire wings and grants her the Bond of Life buff worth 15% of her maximum health. Like her elemental skill, the burst deals Pyro damage to enemies in an AOE.

  • Unique Animations and Weapon Effects Arlecchino's idle animations showcase her unique style, with one animation showing her seated in a chair resembling a blood altar and another where she seemingly glitches in some sort of a phasing animation in a portal similar to the narwhal boss, ending with a "hush" pose.

Arlecchino's abilities and animations have sparked excitement and anticipation within the Genshin Impact community. Players are eager to experience her distinctive playstyle and incorporate her into their teams for upcoming challenges and adventures.

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