This blog will present an updated Mobile Legends Tank Tier List for2024, aiming to assist you in picking the strongest Tank heroes in the current metaand ranking each Tank character in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang based on their abilities.
About Tank in Mobile Legends
In every battle, Tanks are the heroes who consistently support theirfellow teammates. Their main job is simply to provide protection and assistancewhenever they can. These heroes often possess high health points (HP) and high defenses.Leveraging their resilience, they effectively disrupt enemy formations andprovide protection by absorbing significant amounts of damage.
MLBB Tank Tier List 2024
Tier S: Tigreal, Fredrinn, Khufra
Tier A: Barats, Edith, Akai, Alice, Atlas, Esmeralda, Gatotkaca, Gloo, Lolita,Minotaur, Uranus
Tier B: Balmond, Baxia, Franco, Hilda, Hylos, Khufra
Tier C: Grock, Ruby, Johnson
Tier D: Belerick
Ultimate Analysis of the Tier S Tanks
Tigreal boasts several crowd control skill and possesses a passive abilitythat allows him to soak up damage. Plus, his ultimate is among the mostimpactful initiation powers in the game, capable of turning the tide of battles.
If tanking the enemy's firepower and mastering crowd control in tensemoments is your passion, then the tank hero Fredrinn is sure to be yourfavorite. Armed with a hulking spear, he excels as both a jungler and EXPlaner, thriving in drawn-out team skirmishes.
Khufra, with his formidable skillset, is adept at launching enemiesskyward, slowing them to a crawl, and stunning them into submission, making himone of the game's most formidable initiators.
Ultimate Analysis of the Tier A Tanks
Known also as Big Guy, Barats stacks up his power each time he lands ablow on an enemy. Each stack adds to his bulk and bolsters his physical andmagical defenses, transforming him into an unyielding frontline hero.
Edith, the Forsaken Warden, stands unique as the first tank-marksmandual role hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She's adept at initiating teamclashes and absorbing vast amounts of damage in her Phylax tank form, whiledealing devastating blows in her marksman avatar.
Akai's respectable damage output and superior mobility enable him toswiftly clear camps and ambush lanes, giving his team a decisive early edge.Beyond that, his inherent resilience makes him a formidable frontline warrior,capable of enduring immense damage while his team prepares their counterattack.
Alice, the Queen of Blood, harnesses the power of vampirism, boastingremarkable HP regeneration and durability. She can absorb the essence of fallenfoes, enhancing her uptime and farming efficiency, making her a highlyversatile choice in the game.
Atlas, with his ultimate skill Fatal Links, has the ability to seizehold of multiple enemies within his reach and draw them together, immobilizingthem for a duration. His passive ability further enhances his survivability inteam skirmishes. There's indeed much to admire about the Ocean Gladiator of theLand of Dawn.
Esmeralda stands firmly against the majority of offlaners, thanks toher Frostmoon Shield's ability to negate enemy shields. What's more, her damageremains unaffected by any shield effects, a testament to her passive StarmoonCasket, which even converts her shields into vital health points.
Despite being armed with defensive gear, Gatotkaca remains a relentlesswarrior. His passive ability, which strengthens his basic attacks with eachblow he withstands, allows him to swiftly eliminate foes with just a fewstrikes.
Gloo, a master of crowd control and regeneration, excels at prolongingengagements. He is often the team's initiator, charging into fights first anddeterring enemies from approaching the back line.
Renowned as one of the game's premier team fight initiators, the SteelElf's skills are centered around igniting team battles and shielding allieswith Lolita's immense barrier. Lolita's arsenal includes a single-target stun,Power Charge, and Guardian's Reflection, a defense mechanism that blocks andreflects ranged attacks.
Minotaur, the tank hero, embodies resilience and durability, absorbingdamage for his team, solidifying his position as a frontline warrior. However,the Son of Minos offers more than just a protective shield. His crowd-controlabilities and healing powers can significantly sway the outcome of teamclashes.
Uranus possesses the remarkable ability to absorb colossal amounts ofdamage, aided by his substantial HP regeneration and shield acquisition.Furthermore, his skills, boasting low cooldowns, allow him to unleashconsistent and substantial damage over time.
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