Introduction About Roman Yaremchuk

Hailing from Ukraine, Roman Yaremchuk has made a name for himself as an exceptional striker on the football pitch. Born on the 27th of November, 1995, Yaremchuk's journey in professional football began in earnest with Dynamo Kyiv's youth academy. His dedication and talent soon saw him graduating to the reserve team in 2013. Within two years, his knack for finding the back of the net had earned him a spot on Dynamo Kyiv's first team, marking the start of his ascent in the football world.

Yaremchuk's career trajectory took him across Europe, where his prowess as a forward was in high demand. After a loan spell with Oleksandriya in the Ukrainian league, he ventured to Belgium, joining Gent in 2018. His skills on the field did not go unnoticed, and a year later he caught the eye of Portuguese giants Benfica. The club secured his services for a substantial fee of €18.5 million, a testament to his growing reputation as a formidable striker. Yet Belgium continued to call to him, and he returned to the Belgian Pro League, this time donning the colors of Club Brugge following a €16 million move.

On the international stage, Roman Yaremchuk has proudly represented his homeland. Starting from the youth levels, his consistent performance and goal-scoring ability led to his first call-up to the Ukraine national team in September 2018. He has since become a key player for his country, showcasing his talent in major tournaments such as UEFA Euro 2020. His current tenure with Valencia in La Liga, on loan from Club Brugge, underscores his versatility and continued relevance as a top-tier striker in the competitive world of international football.

Roman Yaremchuk's Inform card

Step into the virtual pitch with Roman Yaremchuk's Inform card and experience the prowess of a Striker who boasts an impressive overall rating of 85. With a pace rating of 87, Yaremchuk can blaze past defenders, while his shooting rating of 85 ensures that he can finish chances clinically. His passing ability, marked at 83, means he can link up play effectively, setting up goals as well as scoring them. An adept dribbler with a rating of 82, Yaremchuk can navigate through tight spaces, making him a nightmare for the opposition's backline. Despite a defense rating of 60, his physicality stands out at 86, allowing him to hold off defenders and maintain possession. Roman Yaremchuk's Inform card is the ultimate forward's tool, tailored to exploit defensive weaknesses and capitalize on scoring opportunities to lead your team to victory in the game.

How to Obtain Roman Yaremchuk's Player Card

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