The latest addition to FC 24 Ultimate Team is the Club 99 Shooting Evolution , an innovative feature that enhances your gaming experience by allowing for player upgrades within your club.



This year, Ultimate Team introduces the Evolutions system, a fresh concept designed to expand your team-building capabilities.



As each Season progresses, Ultimate Team will roll out fresh batches of Evolutions. This development is thrilling for enthusiasts of both football and Ultimate Team, as it opens up a world of strategic possibilities for team enhancement, regardless of which club or level of the football hierarchy you are passionate about.



Joining the Elite 99 Shooting Club


Join the ranks of the prestigious 99 Shooting Club, an exclusive circle reserved for the crème de la crème of marksmen. Keep reading to discover the steps needed to achieve this distinguished goal.



Player Requirements


When selecting a player, ensure they align with these criteria:


  • A maximum overall rating of 86
  • Pace should not exceed 90
  • A minimum shooting ability of 75
  • Dribbling rating capped at 90
  • Defending must be 70 or less
  • No more than 7 for playstyles
  • A limit of one for Playstyles+


Completing the Club 99 Shooting Evolution

Embarking on the Club 99 Shooting Evolution Journey


  • To master the Club 99 Shooting Evolution, players must first understand the core objectives and mechanics of the challenge.
  • Start by acquainting yourself with the in-game environment and controls, ensuring a seamless interaction during the gameplay.
  • Progress through the evolution by hitting specified targets, which will vary in difficulty as you advance.
  • Focus on refining your aim and reaction times, as these skills are pivotal to succeeding in the Club 99 Shooting Evolution.
  • Take advantage of any in-game tips or tutorials that may be available to enhance your shooting technique and overall strategy.
  • Keep a steady pace and remain patient; practice is essential for improvement and completion of the evolution.
  • Celebrate your milestones and use each level as a stepping stone to the next, constantly pushing your limits to achieve excellence in the Club 99 Shooting Evolution.


Level 1 Challenges and Rewards

Initial Challenges to Overcome:


  • Participate in a trio of Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions contests at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, ensuring your evolving EVO talent is included in the match lineup.

  • With your EVO player at the forefront, net a total of three goals across your Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions matches, all played at Semi-Pro difficulty or higher.


Incentives for Completion:


  • Enhance your shooting prowess with a +5 boost.

  • Acquire the Chip Shot PlayStyle to refine your in-game technique.


Level 2 Challenges and Rewards

Tier 2 Objectives:


  • Participate in either two matches of Rivals or Champions with your currently selected EVO player taking part.

  • Secure victories in three matches of Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on at least Semi-Pro difficulty with your active EVO player in the lineup.


Tier 2 Perks:


  • Enhance Shooting by +10

  • Unlock the Trivela PlayStyle for your EVO player.


Level 3 Challenges and Rewards

Tier 3 Objectives:


  • Participate in three matches within the Rivals or Champions mode with your current EVO player on the field.

  • Secure victories in two matches of either Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on at least Semi-Pro difficulty with your EVO player actively playing.

  • Achieve a total of five goals with your EVO player in the Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions modes, ensuring the difficulty is set to Semi-Pro or higher.


Tier 3 Incentives:


  • Enhancement of Shooting attribute by 10 points.

  • Acquisition of the Power Shot PlayStyle for your player.

  • Unlocking the advanced Finesse Shot PlayStyle+.



Embark on a journey to master the Club 99 Shooting Evolution with ease and efficiency. Our intention is to provide you with valuable insights to boost your player's skills to new heights. We hope that our guidance proves useful to you and may you achieve great success in conquering the Club 99 Shooting Evolution.


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