FC 24 Ultimate Team has recently been infused with some thrilling new content that is sure to excite players. With the release of Team of the Week 28, new player items have been introduced to packs, offering gamers fresh opportunities to enhance their squads. Additionally, there's an exciting Squad Building Challenge (SBC) featuring Evan Ferguson from Brighton, who has received a significant boost in honor of Ultimate Birthday.



Moreover, EA Sports has introduced a pair of new Evolutions specifically targeting silver-tier players within Ultimate Team. This move promises to deliver substantial upgrades, providing a unique twist to the FC 24 Ultimate Team experience.



Guide Overview


Embark on a journey to enhance your Ultimate Team with our comprehensive walkthrough for the Radioactive Precision Evolution. Unlock the potential of a silver midfielder and integrate them seamlessly into your squad. Dive in to explore how!


EA has introduced an exciting, cost-free opportunity to elevate your FC 24 experience with the latest Evolution feature.



Since their introduction at the game's launch, Evolutions have captivated FC 24 enthusiasts, contributing to the distinct flair of each player's Ultimate Team by offering a variety of evolution options for their roster.



Evolution Player Requirements


Diving right in, let's dissect the criteria necessary for engaging in the Radioactive Precision Evolution within FC 24.


  • First and foremost, not every player in the game qualifies for this evolution. EA has laid out specific prerequisites that must be met, so selection is key.

  • When choosing your candidate for evolution, think strategically. You might opt for a player from the team you support or someone you believe has the potential to become exceptionally powerful. However, choose with care; this decision is final and irreversible.


The qualifications for the Radioactive Precision Evolution are as follows:


  • The player's Overall rating must not exceed 74.
  • Their Pace attribute should be 80 or lower.
  • The Physical rating has a ceiling of 82.
  • Only players in the Central Midfielder (CM) position are eligible.
  • Lastly, the player must not have any additional PlayStyles; the maximum allowed is zero.


Top Picks for Radioactive Precision Evolution

In the realm of Radioactive Precision Evolution, we present you with two stellar choices that can elevate the capabilities of your squad to new heights!


Please note that not all players qualify for this evolution. This means players like Oliver Skipp and Leon Goretzka are not eligible. However, we have identified two exceptional candidates who meet the criteria and can offer a significant boost to your team:



Firstly, we recommend considering Rodrigo Zalazar, a somewhat unconventional choice, yet one that promises to add immense value to your midfield. Upon evolution, the Uruguayan midfielder reaches an impressive 90 OVR. His evolved form boasts enviable attributes such as 88 pace, 84 shooting, 85 passing, 93 dribbling, and 81 defending, making him a versatile powerhouse on the field.



Secondly, we spotlight the promising talent of Elliot Anderson from Newcastle United. This young Scottish midfielder transforms into an 88 OVR gem with the evolution. His advanced stats are nothing short of remarkable, featuring 84 pace, 81 shooting, 83 passing, 91 dribbling, and a robust 85 physical rating. Anderson's all-around proficiency ensures he can make a significant impact in various aspects of the game.



Both players are prime candidates for the Radioactive Precision Evolution and can serve as game-changers for your team with their enhanced skills and attributes.



Evolution Challenges and Rewards


Embarking on the journey to enhance your chosen player's performance, you'll need to conquer a series of tasks to boost their overall rating by +26. Here's your guide to mastering the Radioactive Precision Evolution process:


To initiate the evolution, there are several Level 1 Challenges to tackle:



  • Secure victory in two matches within the Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions categories on a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, ensuring your evolving (EVO) player is actively participating.
  • Triumph in another two matches from the same game modes with a minimum two-goal lead, again with your EVO player on the field.


Upon completion of these initial challenges, your player will receive the following attribute enhancements:


  • Pace receives a +3 boost
  • Shooting power is increased by +6
  • Passing accuracy is improved by +5
  • Dribbling skills are heightened by +6
  • Defending capabilities are strengthened by +4


Progressing to Level 2 Challenges, you'll be tasked with:


  • Winning another two matches in Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions on Semi-Pro difficulty with your EVO player.
  • Participating in three matches in either Rivals or Champions with your EVO player.
  • Assisting in scoring three goals in any of the aforementioned game modes, again on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher with your EVO player.


Rewards for conquering Level 2 Challenges include:


  • A significant Shooting enhancement of +9
  • Passing skills are further improved by +8
  • Defending receives a +6 increase
  • Physical presence on the field is bolstered by +7
  • The player's PlayStyle is augmented with the 'Incisive Pass' trait


Finally, the Level 3 Challenges push you to:


  • Win two Squad Battles, Rivals, or Champions matches by a margin of at least two goals on Semi-Pro, featuring your EVO player.
  • Engage in four matches in the Rivals or Champions modes with your EVO player.
  • Provide assistance for five goals in the aforementioned game modes on Semi-Pro difficulty with your EVO player.


The rewards for mastering Level 3 Challenges are:


  • Pace is further accelerated by +7
  • Dribbling becomes more agile with an +8 increase
  • Physical attributes are enhanced by +5
  • The player's Weak Foot ability is improved by +5
  • Additionally, the PlayStyle is refined with the 'Intercept' trait


By successfully completing these evolving challenges, your player will be well on their way to reaching new heights of football prowess.


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