Ultimate Team festivities continue as EA commemorates the 15th anniversary of the popular game mode with the Ultimate Birthday event. Time is ticking, though, with only a few days remaining to join the celebration!



Before the exciting Golazo promotion kicks off in two days, EA has introduced a fresh Ultimate Birthday player to Ultimate Team, accessible through a Squad Building Challenge (SBC). Players have the option to select from two distinct versions of this player.



If you're looking to bolster your Ultimate Team with the addition of Evan Ferguson, we've got you covered with the most economical solutions for both of his Ultimate Birthday SBCs. Now you can choose which version of the Brighton striker to incorporate into your squad.



EA has unveiled a new batch of SBCs within FC 24 Ultimate Team, featuring Evan Ferguson as the latest Ultimate Birthday player up for grabs.



Player Overview


The celebrated striker from Ireland has received not one, but two distinct player cards. The sole difference between them is the inclusion of five-star skill moves and a five-star weak foot rating.



The choice is yours - opt for the card with the enhanced skill moves or the one with the superior weak foot. Regardless, Ferguson is a phenomenal addition to any squad, boasting a significant boost with his latest Ultimate Birthday player item.



This Ultimate Birthday edition of Ferguson is truly impressive, boasting an 88 overall rating. The card's attributes are remarkable, with 91 pace, 89 shooting, 80 passing, 87 dribbling, and an imposing 90 for physicality.



Moreover, the Brighton forward comes equipped with two special PlayStyles+: Power Shot and First Touch, enhancing his in-game performance even further.



SBC Requirements and Solutions


Embarking on the task of completing the Ultimate Birthday Ferguson Squad Building Challenge in FC 24 Ultimate Team? Here's how you can do so in the most cost-effective manner possible!


Essentials for Completion:



  • Ensure that your starting lineup includes at least one Team of the Week player.

  • The team's overall rating should be no less than 83.


Team Composition:



To successfully complete the Ultimate Birthday Ferguson Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players must meet the following criteria:



  • Include at least one Team of the Week (TOTW) player in the starting lineup.
  • Ensure the overall team rating is 82 or higher.


Cost Analysis and Closing Thoughts


Upon completing the required Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), you'll have the opportunity to incorporate the Ultimate Birthday Evan Ferguson card into your FIFA Ultimate Team roster.


For those aiming to obtain the variant with a five-star weak foot, you should anticipate an investment of approximately 34.8K coins. Alternatively, acquiring the version that boasts five-star skill moves will require a slightly higher expenditure of around 35.9K coins.



Are you planning to enhance your squad with either version of the Ultimate Birthday Ferguson card? Share your choice and thoughts in the comment section!



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