The latest Golazo event in FC 24 Ultimate Team has unveiled a new set of objectives, featuring the opportunity to secure a free Golazo Xabi Alonso (Junior) card. This addition promises to bolster any midfield with the Spanish legend's exceptional skills.



The Golazo Xabi Alonso (Junior) card boasts impressive stats that are sure to make an immediate impact in the heart of the pitch. In addition to the coveted Alonso card, completing the Golazo Xabi Alonso (Junior) Objectives will also reward participants with a variety of packs and a significant amount of XP.



Let's explore the steps required to complete these objectives and claim your Golazo Xabi Alonso (Junior) rewards.



Xabi Alonso (Junior) Card Attributes


In the latest FC 24 Ultimate Team Objectives, inspired by the Golazo promotion, players have the opportunity to unlock a superb Xabi Alonso (Junior) card, along with a variety of other prizes.


This Xabi Alonso (Junior) card boasts remarkable stats, including 91 passing, 88 dribbling, 88 defending, and 88 physical strength.



Additionally, the card is enhanced with a range of PlayStyles that reflect the Spanish football icon's skills on the pitch: Finesse Shot, Chip Shot, Power Shot, Incisive Pass, Long Ball Pass+, Intercept+, Slide Tackle, First Touch, and Relentless.



Objective Requirements and Rewards


  • To earn a pack containing two rare gold players rated 81 or higher, assist three goals by executing through balls during Squad Battles at least on Semi-Pro difficulty, or alternatively in Rivals/Champions matches.

  • For another pack with two rare gold players rated 81 or above, provide five assists using a Premier League player in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, or in Rivals/Champions games.

  • Score four finesse shot goals in Squad Battles on Semi-Pro difficulty or higher, or within Rivals/Champions, to receive a pack with one rare gold player rated 84 or higher.

  • Achieve victory in six Squad Battles at a minimum of Semi-Pro difficulty, or in Rivals/Champions, with at least three Premier League players in your starting lineup to gain 500 XP and a pack with two rare gold players rated 83 or above.

  • Participate in ten matches in Squad Battles on at least Semi-Pro difficulty, or in Rivals/Champions, with a minimum of three Spanish players in your starting 11 to be rewarded with 500 XP and a pack containing five rare gold players rated 80 or higher.

  • Score a goal using a chip shot in Squad Battles on Semi-Pro difficulty or above, or in Rivals/Champions, to secure a pack with three rare gold players rated 83 or higher.

Completion and Final Rewards

Upon successfully finishing the six tasks associated with this objective, you'll be rewarded with the non-tradeable Golazo Xabi Alonso (Junior) card, in addition to the previously detailed rewards.


We trust this guide has been beneficial and extend our best wishes as you endeavor to accomplish the Golazo Xabi Alonso (Junior) Objective.



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