Aventurine, the highly anticipated 5-star preservation character, is soon to make its debut in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail 2.1 patch. With exceptional synergy in follow-up attacker teams and the ability to function effectively as a solo sustain unit, Aventurine has captured the attention of many players.

Considering whether to acquire Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail 2.1? Here's a comprehensive evaluation of the character's capabilities to help you make an informed decision.

Strengths of Aventurine:

  • Exceptional synergy with follow-up teams and remains effective even outside of such team compositions.
  • Boasts the best shielding capabilities in the game, providing unparalleled protection to your team.
  • Grants an effect resistance buff to allies, enabling the activation of Planar Ornament Broken Keel's 2-piece effect for himself and other supports without relying on relic substats.
  • Aventurine is inherently immune to debuffs, ensuring his resilience in battle.
  • Possesses solid self-buffs that significantly enhance damage output.
  • Provides a critical damage buff for all allies, further augmenting the team's overall offensive capabilities.

These strengths undoubtedly position Aventurine as a formidable asset to any player's roster, offering substantial value and strategic advantages in combat scenarios.Aventurine, as a character in Honkai Star Rail 2.1, has both strengths and weaknesses that players should consider before deciding to pull for him. Some of his weaknesses include being SP hungry in certain scenarios, having a crit damage buff that may not be valuable in damage over time (DOT) teams, and lacking a guaranteed cleanse or debuff protection for allies.

When comparing Aventurine to other 5-star sustain characters, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each. In a matchup against Gepard, Aventurine stands out as a more capable shielder with the ability to generate shields using his skill, providing raw sustain for struggling teams. On the other hand, Gepard has advantages such as increased taunt value and the ability to freeze enemies, making him valuable in specific team compositions.

The comparison between Aventurine and Fu Xuan presents a tougher debate. While Fu Xuan may struggle against extremely hard-hitting AOE attacks, she excels in allowing players to absorb damage in the majority of scenarios. Her damage mitigation is potent and can effectively negate incoming debuffs on characters.

In the context of Aventurine versus Luocha, Huohuo, and Bailu, it's essential for players to carefully assess the unique strengths and weaknesses of each character to determine the best fit for their team composition and playstyle.Aventurine compared to other characters in Honkai Star Rail 2.1:

  • Aventurine lacks the ability to cleanse, unlike the 5-star abundance characters Luocha and Huohuo who possess this capability. Huohuo also provides energy for allies and a significant attack buff, while Luocha excels in generating SP. Bailu, on the other hand, does not have a cleanse ability among the three abundance units.
  • Despite Aventurine's lack of cleanse, his effect resistance buff proves valuable in various scenarios. Additionally, the reduced number of enemies inflicting debuffs makes Aventurine's shields effective in blocking incoming damage, especially from damage over time effects.

Is Aventurine's Light Cone necessary?

No, there are excellent free-to-play options available for preservation units. The free Light Cone in 2.1, "Concert for Two," grants Aventurine 32% DEF and up to 40% increased damage, which should suffice. "Landau's Choice" (4-star) and "Moment of Victory" (standard 5-star) are also viable options. The increased taunt value from both Light Cones makes Aventurine more likely to draw aggro, effectively protecting teammates from negative effects.

Should you consider Aventurine for follow-up teams?

Aventurine can provide significant value to follow-up teams. While he may not be as valuable as Huohuo in a Dr. Ratio hypercarry team, his potential in teams consisting of Dr. Ratio and Topaz is noteworthy. Aventurine brings debuffs for Dr. Ratio, a crit damage buff for both Ratio and Topaz, and the ability to action advance Numby through his own follow-ups. With Robin's arrival imminent, assembling the ideal follow-up attacker dream team might soon become a reality.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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