Jingliu is making a comeback in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 after Acheron's banner. If you're considering pulling for this ice DPS, here's a breakdown of her abilities and an analysis of her current value in the game's meta. It's important to note that if you're a fan of Jingliu for any reason, whether it's her gameplay, voice acting, or visual design, don't hesitate to add her to your roster. She's a versatile unit suitable for both new and experienced players, and definitely worth considering if you're in need of a strong DPS character.

Should You Pull for Jingliu?

Jingliu was initially celebrated as the top DPS character when she first appeared, but the landscape has evolved since then. Other characters like Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae and Acheron have seen significant power boosts, altering the meta. The arrival of Sparkle has notably elevated Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae's capabilities, while Acheron is now widely regarded as the premier DPS character when properly utilized. In this shifting landscape, where does Jingliu stand now in the current meta?Jingliu continues to exhibit exceptional DPS capabilities, demonstrating the ability to overpower adversaries across various elements. Players have achieved remarkable feats, such as zero-cycling floor 12 against foes with a daunting 40% ice resistance.

For those with a roster comprising multiple hypercarries and lacking 5-star sustain units, Aventurine emerges as a valuable addition to augment their lineup.

Widely regarded as the premier destruction DPS unit, Jingliu's ease of build sets her apart as an unparalleled force. Her enhanced skill confers a substantial 50% crit rate boost, simplifying the gearing process in comparison to other critical DPS counterparts.

Content creator MrPokke previously offered a comprehensive team comparison upon Jingliu's initial release.

Jingliu, since her release, has been paired with top tier units like Sparkle and Ruan Mei, who are considered her best supports. If you don't have 5-star supports, you can still utilize Pela and Tingyun to effectively clear content with Jingliu. Additionally, she has access to excellent free-to-play light cone options, with "On the Fall of an Aeon" from the Herta shop light cone being one of her top choices.

It's worth noting that Jingliu and Acheron utilize completely different supports. If you recently obtained Acheron, getting Jingliu would be a great decision as they do not compete for the same supports. This allows you to pair your strongest harmony units with Acheron and the nihility units you have with Jingliu, creating two solid hypercarry teams.

Therefore, considering the compatibility and flexibility of Jingliu with different support units, she is definitely a worthwhile addition to your lineup, especially if you are aiming to build diverse and effective team compositions.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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