The PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 (PMGO) is scheduled to be held in São Paulo, Brazil from the 5th to the 7th of April. This highly anticipated event boasts a substantial prize pool of $356,000 USD, setting the stage for an intense showdown among 16 of the world’s top PUBG Mobile teams.

Following the conclusion of the prelims phase on April 3rd, eight elite squads have secured their positions in the main showdown. These teams, along with seven others selected for direct entry and the top performer from the qualifier finals stage, form a formidable roster of competitors competing for the ultimate title and the $100,000 first prize.

The main event will consist of over 18 matches, providing an exciting platform for the teams to showcase their skills and strategies in a quest for victory.

PMGO 2024 will feature a diverse group of teams from various parts of the world, including Nova Esports from China, S2G Gaming from Turkey, RC BRA Esports from Turkey, IW NRX from Turkey, IHC Esports from Mongolia, Team Falcons from Mongolia, and Alpha7 Esports from Brazil.The PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 (PMGO) will feature top teams from around the world, including Zebra Master from Brazil, Smoke Gaming from Brazil, Death Wolves from Brazil, Boom Esports from Brazil, Vampire Esports from Indonesia, Dplus Kia from Thailand, Reject from South Korea, Royals of War from Japan, HFIYS Esports from Mexico, and teams from the United Kingdom.

Viewers can catch all the live action on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel, which will be available in multiple languages starting at 16:30 IST. The event will showcase six matches daily across the Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar maps, providing a diverse and challenging battleground for the competing teams.

The format of PMGO 2024 is divided into four stages: online qualifiers, qualifier finals, prelims, and the main event. Teams competed in the online qualifiers, followed by the qualifier finals where the top eight from each group advanced to the main event. The preliminary stage featured fierce competition, combining teams from the online qualifiers with 16 teams from the PUBG Mobile Partnership Program, ultimately selecting the top eight to join the teams from the qualifier finals and the global titans.

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