On April 2nd, 2024, Free Fire MAX introduced the Evo Vault, a highly anticipated feature that coincides with the upcoming OB44 update. This event brings an exciting opportunity for players to acquire exclusive Evo gun skins through a premium engagement, enhancing their gameplay with top-tier weapons.

The Evo Vault offers a range of sought-after Evo gun skins, such as the vibrant MP40-Chromasonic, the formidable Thompson-Cindered Colossus, the fiery M4A1-Infernal Draco, and the sleek MP5-Platinum Divinity, catering to the diverse preferences of gamers.

To participate in the Evo Vault event, players can use diamonds, the in-game currency, to make spins in the Luck Royale, a chance-based game within the event. A single spin costs 20 diamonds, while a bundle of 11 spins is available for 200 diamonds, offering a discount for bulk purchases. Additionally, participants can also uncover token crates specific to each gun, essential for upgrading these skins to their ultimate versions and unlocking their full potential.

The Evo Vault event is set to run for 30 days, providing enthusiasts with ample time to engage and win these exclusive items. This event promises an exciting reward list, ensuring a thrilling gaming experience for all participants.- Chromasonic skin for MP40 - Cindered Colossus skin for Thompson - Infernal Draco skin for M4A1 - Platinum Divinity skin for MP5 - Token crates for Chromasonic (MP40), Cindered Colossus (Thompson), Infernal Draco (M4A1), and Platinum Divinity (MP5) - Gold Royale voucher - Secret clue - Bonfire - Diamond Royale voucher - Armor crate - Pocket Market

Free Fire Diamond: Usage and Acquisition

Free Fire Diamonds are the lifeblood of the in-game economy for the popular battle royale game, Free Fire, used to unlock a variety of premium content such as exclusive skins, costumes, and weapon upgrades. Players can acquire these coveted gems by participating in events, completing missions, and earning rewards through various game modes. Furthermore, for those looking to quickly enhance their Free Fire experience, Diamonds can be topped up directly through game trading platforms, providing a straightforward path to access the game's most sought-after items.

Free Fire top up on LootBar

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How to top up Free Fire on LootBar

To top up Free Fire diamond on the LootBar trading platform, begin by navigating to the official LootBar website at . Once there, select your preferred language and currency type, and make sure to log in to your account. This is the first step in ensuring a smooth transaction for your in-game currency purchase.

Next, head over to the top-up column on the website. Here, you'll need to select the specific game you wish to top up—in this case, navigate to Top Up > Free Fire. Then, decide on the quantity of Free Fire diamonds you're looking to buy and click on the “Top-up Now” button. You will be prompted to enter your Free Fire UID, which is crucial for ensuring the diamonds reach the right account. After inputting your UID, click on the Top-up button. The final step is to choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment to successfully buy Free Fire Diamond .