The recent release of Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 has revealed Sam's true identity, sparking excitement among players who are eager to see if Sam will become a playable character. Leaks suggest that Sam will indeed be playable in the upcoming patch 2.3, adding to the anticipation for what's to come. Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds.

Attention all Honkai players! If you haven't completed the patch 2.1 trailblaze quest, we suggest revisiting this article at a later time to avoid spoilers regarding Sam's real identity.

Please note that the information provided below is based on leaks and is subject to change. It may not accurately reflect the final state of the character. For the most accurate view of Sam's kit, we advise waiting for the 2.3 livestream to see if there are any buffs or nerfs to her abilities over the next few weeks.

Will Sam be playable or Firefly? According to the latest leaks, it seems that Firefly will be playable in the open world through Sam's technique. During combat, players are likely to be locked into using Sam.

Technique: - Instantly transforms into the molten knight for a certain duration. - While transformed, remains undetected by enemies, blocks all incoming attacks, and experiences a significant increase in movement speed, allowing for the ability to ignore all enemies while moving. - While transformed, pressing the normal attack or technique buttons will immediately unleash attacks on all enemies within a large area, with the area of effect similar to Kafka and Argenti.

Overworld Attack: - Melee attack with a limited range, similar to Sparkle's attack area of effect.

Honkai Star Rail 2.3: Sam/Firefly's Abilities - Basic Attack: Deals fire damage to a single target.

These leaks provide an exciting glimpse into the potential abilities and gameplay mechanics of Sam and Firefly. Stay tuned for further updates and the official reveal during the 2.3 livestream!- In the game update Honkai: Star Rail 2.3, there are new abilities and talents for the character Sam/Firefly. - The enhanced basic attack, Smoldering Wasteland, allows Sam to heal a percentage of her own max HP and deal fire damage to a single target. - The skill, when used, consumes a percentage of Sam's max HP and deals fire damage to a single target. If her HP is insufficient, it will drain to 1 HP. After the attack, if the target is weakness broken, Sam regenerates some energy. - The enhanced skill, Devouring Conflagration, heals a percentage of Sam's max HP and deals fire damage to a single target and adjacent targets. After the attack, if at least one attacked target is weakness broken, Sam advances her action and deals extra fire damage to all attacked targets. All damage dealt by this skill is considered as ultimate damage instead of skill damage. - Sam's ultimate ability, Burning Starlight, dispels all debuffs on herself and enters the primary combustion state, advancing her action by 100%. It also summons a cooldown kernel on the action bar. When the cooldown kernel takes action, Sam exits the primary combustion state. - Sam/Firefly's talents include the Primary Combustion talent, which increases her speed by a fixed value and the damage dealt by a percentage of (convertible) break effect when under the primary combustion state. Additionally, her basic attack and skill will be switched to their enhanced versions. - Another talent, Scorched Barrier, reduces the damage taken by a percentage of lost HP. When under the primary combustion state, this damage reduction is further increased by a fixed amount.

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