A recent leak related to Honkai: Star Rail has unveiled a new type of damage called super break damage, which will only be available to the harmony trailblazer. This new damage type factors in the toughness-reducing damage of the attack and scales with the character's level and break effect stat.

In Honkai: Star Rail, break damage takes effect when the enemy's toughness meter is broken. It is influenced by the character's level and break effect stat, which triggers various debuffs when the enemy is in a broken state. The higher the break effect stat a character has, the more break damage they can inflict.

The break effect stat in Honkai: Star Rail is a valuable source of damage, allowing characters to defeat powerful bosses more easily. However, it is essential to deplete the enemy's toughness meter to fully utilize the break effect. Different character types apply various debuffs using this stat, such as causing damage over time or immobilizing enemies.

The recent leak from Dimbreath has introduced the exclusive super break damage type for the harmony trailblazer. This new damage type is expected to enhance the gameplay experience by introducing a unique way to factor in toughness-reducing damage and further scale with the break effect stat and character level.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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