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  • Goldendoodles Care
    Goldendoodles are highly trainable due to the smart genes they inherit from their parents. They do best with positive reinforcement training techniques. They need plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation. This is why they need a fenced backyard and regular walks or playdates with other dogs. They also require a good diet of high-quality dog food. This will help them maintain a...
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  • Exhaust Air Heat Pump Benefits
    Exhaust air heat pumps (EAH) combine ventilation, heating & hot water as an all-in-one energy efficient solution. They extract warmth from indoor stale air, which is typically expelled from bathrooms, kitchens and utilities and uses this to pre-heat the warm supply air that is supplied into the dwelling via ducts for radiator or underfloor heating as well as domestic hot water for showers....
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  • How to Fix a Tangled Dolphin Pool Cleaner
    If your Dolphin robotic cleaner is not moving or stopping midway through a cleaning cycle, the most likely cause of the problem is that the cable has become tangled. The good news is that you can easily fix this by removing the cleaner from the water and checking the blue cable for tangles. If you see that the cable is tangled, simply untangle it and reinsert it in the cleaner. If the robot is...
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